Reading Lolita in Tehran- Blog #5

This is the beginning of part two, Gatsby, it begin with a kind of imagery. “Young woman stands alone in the midst of a crowd at the Tehran airport, backpack on her back, a large bag hanging from one shoulder…” p.81 This makes me think of a women all alone, feeling alone in a place where you used to see happiness but now is just dullness. “But no one so much as smiles”p.81 Azi remembers this place when she first went as a great place, a magical place where you could go to fine restaurants & go to good coffee shops with family and friends. Now its just a place of hatred where there mood is focused on America. “Death to America! DOWN WITH IMPERIALISM & ZIONISM! AMERICA IS OUR NUMBER- ONE ENEMY!” P.81 The airport in Tehran is basically a very unwelcoming place, where you don’t want to be. Until Azi got home is when she started to feel welcoming but as she left the airport a security guard became suspicious of her. He wanted to search all her belongings even though they had already been checked before. He emptying her back then crazily attacking the rest of her belongings like crazy people!

The reason she left Tehran was to study abroad. She even came to America where she studied at a school in New Mexico. Wherever she went to study she tried her best to find a small conservative place like home. She describes her return as a very bad thing. Why? It was because of marriage. She married a man who was the total opposite, but thankfully her father was in total favor of divorce. If her husband denied divorce her father would help her sue him for alimony. “…A woman’s only protection under Islamic law.” P83

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