What are the Benefits of Using Ruby on Rails for Your Startup

2 min readMay 5, 2017


Startup friendly, flexible, well-supported — what else can we add about Ruby on Rails framework? A bunch of successful startups can tell you why they prefer using Ruby on Rails to build their websites. In the programming world, Ruby on Rails is strongly associated with startups.

Let’s list and explain in brief why Ruby on Rails is chosen out of hundreds of other programming languages:

  • It’s time-efficient. Ruby on Rails contains many ready-made plugins and modules, which allow developers not to waste time on writing boilerplate code. It’s proven that RoR teams build applications 30–40% faster than teams using other programming languages and frameworks.
  • It’s consistent. Developers follow standardized file storage and programming conventions that keep a project structured and readable. It also saves plenty of time.
  • It’s cost-effective. Ruby on Rails is an open source framework distributed under the MIT license, that means you don’t have to spend money on the framework itself. Gems let to add features without developing them from scratch, so it can save plenty of developer time and effort, too. You can find gems for any purpose and download them for free from GitHub, a platform where developers share open source code.
  • It provides excellent quality and promotes bug-free development. The Minitest tool built into the Rails core is a comprehensive test suite that provides many useful testing features including expectation syntax, test benchmarking, and mocking. In addition, Ruby on Rails encourages test driven development (TDD) and behavior-driven development (BDD) approaches. You can read about them in the article How Test Driven Development (TDD) Helps You Cut Development Costs.
  • It’s scalable. If you expect to get a lot of users for your application you should make sure that it can cope with all the visitors you’re hoping to attract. About Rails scalability you can learn from another article What if I Tell You That Ruby on Rails Is Scalable.
Ruby on Rails Scalability
  • It’s supported. There is a majority of blogs and books, meetups and conferences in the Rails world.
  • It’s secure. Some security features are built into the framework and enabled by default. Using Ruby on Rails also means following the Secure Development Lifecycle, which is a complex security assurance process. We would recommend you one more article to study possible vulnerabilities in the article Ruby on Rails Web Application Vulnerabilities: How to Make Your App Secure.

If there are still not enough reasons for you, learn more about this topic in the article The Benefits of Using Ruby on Rails for Your Startup. And don’t hesitate to join the Ruby on Rails club!




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