Had Bernie been Bernadette — The heartbreaking truth about American patriarchy
Lauren Besser

I am voting for Hillary — it will be hard if I have to vote for Bernie — I really don’t like his thoughts on many things or believe much he goes on about will happen. 
I was out in the streets for healthcare reform — not many were. Then many democrats lost their seats because of it — true the ACA is crappy but it is a foot in the door. Many blame her for all of her husband’s policies-yet all during her time as 1st lady she was damned for her looks and clothes. If anyone really had taken her seriously maybe healthcare in this country would be much better.
I find it really objectionable to hear many Sanders supporters echoing Karl Rove — trying to get your lefty president elected using right wing rhetoric seems at best desperate. No matter who they are in the feeds-paid trolls, Bernie Bros., or BernieBots — they have left me angry. I do not follow or even read much anymore about Bernie — as I follow Hillary and anytime she posts something I can count on angry/ugly memes attacking her — links to delusional articles off of Breitbart's page.
This a.m. NPR confirmed its white males pushing up Bernie’s numbers — 60% voting for Bernie in Michigan. Just read on a notable author’s page that patriarchy “BARELY” exists in the U.S.

Had Hillary just enrolled into the Democrats after years of radical politics we know what kind of crap would have been thrown at her. She is using the same tools Obama and even Al Gore used to run for office and yet she is being blamed as if she is in some conspiracy with all of Wall Street.

Had she not come into this so prepared — it would of been the reason given as to why we aren’t ready for a woman to be president, she lacks backing and really is not a member of the party — a double edged sharpened sword for anything she says or does. Then this constant waiting for proverbial other shoe to drop from all these made up scandals. What I want to know, do we send ALL secretary of states to Gitmo for all using private servers — or just her, because after all it is HER?

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