A Note On The Available Ruby On Rails E-commerce Plugins

E-commerce development is the most advanced and wanted platform to carry on online businesses today. We find special plugins in ROR that facilitate for an easy and smooth e-commerce deal.

The e-commerce shopping fever has encapsulated the world recently to its highest degree. The world has now countless options to shop smart from their convenient location at their time. Further, this has helped to save time and money with the coolest choice one may ever make through discounts, cash backs, and various offers. The website would have been created from any of the available e-commerce platforms, the shoppers are least bothered and are interested only in the user interface and interactivity it could provide while they browse for shopping. They never know or bothered about the effort behind an aesthetic and functional website.

But, if we think from a developer’s point of view, he sees a website with a different perspective. In the case of a Ruby on rails developer, he thinks in a different angle to configure the code and make the shopper see the offers, product range or the deals. And one of the ways to enable these features is by use of Ruby on Rails (ROR) plugins. These plugins enable the mobile or web application to make an e-commerce deal sensible. A few of the plugins available along with its characteristic feature are discussed below.

Freemium: It is a powerful tool which manages mass subscription and its processing. It facilitates the customers to easily sign-up for a subscription. It handles variant subscription plans such as free, paid, paid premium plus and more. Further, one may support the credit card format storage or the automated recurring bill.

Active merchant: It is comparatively better than freemium to archive login data, manage data of the card and the passwords. And most of the time, both are used together as freemium is dependent on the active merchant for credit card mode, which is used to handle payment gateway by the active merchant.

Spree: It helps to spot the bugs in the payment gateway before any of the shoppers’ invoice or payment may go wrong. The teammates and the collaborators may view the bugs that create issues in login data, comments, updates; filter and document them for future retrieval.

ROR e-commerce: It is ideal for ruby on rails e-commerce development as it deals with any kind of the payments. It is flexible to handle business logic, tax, commission, invoice, payment transaction, and is accountant friendly.

Shipping logic: It handles shipping, tracking via e-commerce websites or applications. This currently works on Fedex and track repository. It continuously updates the customer about the product transit details and estimated time of its delivery.

These are some of the plugins that could be effectively used to enhance the generation of invoice, payment system, user profiles, passwords, comments, and, etc.