Cloudy Midweek

I was really down in the dumps after my survival, from all tornado's of financial hot waters, emotional hurricanes and later heavy showers of martial arguments and teen mood swifts.When a menopause mother and a spirited teenager reside under the same roof,only the Almighty can bring the spirit of peace at home. Mood variance occur in both of us, and that too in reverse order.When I am hassled and moody,she will be dazzled and exuberant .These days I pray more,rather than argue with my teenage daughter,over unmade, unkempt beds, study table,prolonged use of internet on various pretext, ranging from school project to study notes on whats app, which in turn causes decreased study time and grades to be controlled by the power of the divine spirit. When you need the phone, she will be busy passing notes to her friends,or discussing project details and getting the phone out of her is as difficult as getting the same from an obstinate primate. Past fourteen years have taught me that she is no more a little child who could be disciplined with my advises and set of rules,but only prayer and hope will make any change to her volatile behavior and moods.

Reading the daily news made me even more unhappy,because our media clearly states, that we are individually and socially becoming less hospitable to the under dog and under privileged. The media states that we are turning away,unfortunate, displaced people who come to our national borders, begging for safety and kindness, by stating that they are a threat to our national security. To end this mundane musing of an ordinary house wife, I just have a simple question to ask.If we turn out, unfortunate, displaced people groups away,terming them dangerous misfortunes, because of our selfish fears and excuses,what will we do when they come back to us in more vicious forms? Let us be selfless, and show hospitality to strangers in misfortune,so that they may become allies,in our times of trouble.Homeless situation can happen to anyone anytime,so treat your displaced neighbor with selfless love than selfish excuses.

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