Thank You Lord for the festival season getting over.The decoration and sights of the festival are O.K for pictures and memories,but not for traveling and sight seeing.The story of the onam festival goes on these thread.There was once an Asura king called Mahabali who ruled Kerala.He was a just and equitable ruler and all the people loved him,because he had succeeded in creating a welfare state,where there was no poverty or sickness.All his people enjoyed prosperity and equality in all circumstance.Then according to the myth,the Deva tribe of heavenly abode got jealous of the asura king and sent a Dwarf named Vamana,who begged for three steps of land for penance.He was glad to offer the same but the cunning Vamana after the second step had no space to put his third step, by then Mahabali knew that he was tricked and his end has come near, so he offered his own head for the third step of vamana, and thus was duly banished to the nether world,with a promise that he will be allowed a yearly visit for seeing his subject.That day when he comes back to visit his subject is called onam.The food prepared to celebrate his coming is called ona sadhya.Mahabali is described as a potbellied king carrying with him an environment friendly,palm frond umbrella, draped in a Mundu round his waist. His person is decorated with gold chains and multi hued jewels .The Asura king was truly valiant, generous and confident of his own power to keep his subject happy and well fed. Since there was no lack in material benefit,his subjects were free from greed and avarice,but this didn't please his overlords.So they planned a trick to finish him off.So this story was concocted to set the overlords in the right picture. They made up a story that the Almighty was jealous and sent him to netherworld,to cover up their act of crime from the common people.Any way now Onam has been commercialized and become festival of commodities and product to be sold and bought.First the king was deceived,lastly the common people in the name of commercialism and marketing one upmanship. Even though we say triumph of the good,it may be hidden evil to trap us.So beware the gold and glitter,or else we will all be taken for a jolly good ride in the name of a festival.

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