Everything has a beginning…

All of the life’s journeys start with tremendous joy, excitement, and aspirations to achieve more, to do something that has never been done before.

Copictures was created with a purpose, a dream: to simplify life for photographers. To help make things easier and faster, and to surprise with how simple it all can be.

Unfortunately, not all projects manage to overcome the barriers of the market, and Copictures was no exception.

This is part of the startup reality.

I wish to thank my team who, for three years, have worked hard to make my dream come true — the dream of a tool that would help photographers in their work.
I wish to thank all the photographers who, with great patience, kept testing, uploading pictures, damned us, praised us, supported our efforts, and wished us the best.

At this moment, no words could be harder to say than “This is over, we are closing down”, and yet, I have to say it. Let’s hope that this end is nothing, but the start of another beginning.

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