Untitled Masterpiece

Maya Angelou said we are Phenomenal Women and our beauty lies inside but, I tell you; I am a Universal Woman because my beauty lies, in the essence of my pride. Now, um not to be compared to the late great however; she did teach me to be your own; number one fan and with all due respect; being better or aiming higher is what she command.

I wasn’t raised to be seen and not heard; not exactly and so, I didn’t have countless men following me waiting to create a heard, no; I jumped down in front and made the men stand at the back of the line, even if that ass was fine; because my mother told me, depending on a man was something of a past time.

The partner I chose, doesn’t leave much to wonder by the eyes, I just can’t seem to understand where the morals of the world lies; In my mind we do no wrong, everywhere is an LGBT community and for everyone else well; their falling in line, all on their own, in due time.

Our Brother’s, Yes, the Black ones; no longer protect the hide but, yet they stand behind and let the sister take the ride; Now, this isn’t for us to be in demand no; its because we seem to think we can take it like a man; now I support feminism and doing everything, like a man but, when it’s to the point that I gotta think like a man; it’s time for the great divines, new plan.

It’s not too much to wonder, what is yet to come; because you can turn on CNN, CBS and FOX and get a daily dose of the hostess with the moistest; not to mention the only thing we see is her breast in the center of focus; they look us in our eyes and tell us, racism no longer exist, JFK was shot by, one dude who could teleport from one location to the other in seconds; they say oh, our government couldn’t possibly be responsible for September 11, 2001 but, this same media; gives us two stories all the time- “Boyfriend shot” referring to a black male, murder by the police and “…five police officers murdered…”- guess there was only five men between those two stories, since the American people, is so “dumb”.

Why does your War o n Drugs, hurt more people, than the drug; is it the same reason, the legal drugs kill more people than….anything; And what’s with voting; if it’s our choice why do you tell us who we can vote for, if it’s for us and by us, why don’t majority of us look like, the people on the floor. And, no it’s not about color; it’s about age; its out time now, yawl time was before.

Celebrities and Stars use to hide behind the camera’s or lay around in bars, wanting to do anything to get into that car; now a days, you can’t stop listening to the problems and cries of the celebrities we admire; because no one takes pride in holding something’s inside.

We love the highs and lows of reality TV but, as soon as Black Lives Matter roll across the TV; we turn our heads and twist our lips, ashamed to admit the feelings inside; when every moment we take a real look outside, we see everything that makes us want to stop and cry but we never take the moment and put in time.

We continue to put out our hand, to the government and the CEO in command but, never think to wonder, how you would get here; in such a little amount of time; we as the American people, still believe life liberty and justice are the things that binds but, to illuminate that, just look at the soup lines.

I remember when Jenni from the block, had a little too much on the back and now I can’t find a white chick, that has panty lines; when Malcolm X died, black people we had so much pride but, once we moved up with the Jefferson, we forgot to mention what was left behind. Here me, everyone has to do their work but, have we forgotten it takes a village and that no one likes to be pushed aside.

Everyone is moving faster than a speeding bullet; never waiting for tomorrow but along with the flow; we never take the time to meet Willie and Joe; Women still haven’t figured out how to let go of Aunt flow; everybody you know, is all up on some Yolo and you can’t seem to remember; dude where’d you park the car or who’s stealing your steelo.

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