Smart Traveling: Avoid the Biggest Mistakes

So some people are always checking in and out of hotels and airports, getting their luggage checked or just moving around to different destinations. Even if this is not the case and you’re not that much of traveler, you and the frequent traveler might be making the same mistakes. The traveler sins that people commit may seem negligible but sometimes small mistakes can lead to big problems, and you certainly don’t want that at a place you don’t know. If you’re travelling there is a possibility of having travelling jitters that might result in making you do things that were in your mental not-to-do check list, so before anything you do, just calm down!

The Biggest mistake
The most common and biggest mistake people make is handing their travel essentials, like passport or phones to total strangers. While it’s quite understandable that you may have made some plans during your flight but trusting someone at a new place can be a bit risky. Better keep your basics with you while you search for your passport in your. And to avoid the mentioned travel problem better keep your passport or things you will need from time to time, in a handy little pocket, where they are easily accessible.

Know before you go
Generally, people who are travelling tend to be unaware of the rules and laws varying from region to region and they end up getting in big troubles. A good rule of thumb would be to research about every possible thing that might be of your concern, from traffic and other laws to hotels. This will not just give you a head start to your travel destination but will also make your trip a lot less exhausting.

Where’s the money?
So you were all too excited or just too busy with other stuff that you forgot to get your money changed. This can be a traveler’s worst nightmare because it’s not easy finding a money exchange in a foreign land and there’s a possibility you might need some money as soon as you land. The best thing to avoid this is get your money changed to the currency you will need. It is better to keep a good amount of the required currency with you so as to avoid embarrassment and anxiety. There is also a possibility that you might not find any nearby ATMs around which can be an even bigger problem so better keep cash in hand and keep lots of it.

Why is my phone not working?
Once you know you’re going to travel then you obviously would need our cell phone with you. But have you checked with your service provider for international roaming set up and call rates. The international calls and data charges vary from country to country and network to network. There is a possibility that your phone calls and data usage might cost you big amounts of money without the right roaming plan. So better consult your service provider to guide you through the right plan and help you save some money.

Phone’s Dead
Some people just tend to forget the most basic of things like their phone or laptop’s charger. Either they leave them back home unintentionally or just do so, thinking they will probably find a charger there. Are you sure you are willing to take such a risk, I don’t think so. Better pack your chargers along with the things you pack first to avoid the dead-phone-dilemma while you are not even in your homeland.

These may sound like small mistakes but these little ones can turn into bigger problems. If you are really travelling to enjoy and relax a little then you definitely need to get these in your checklist. Happy travelling and don’t forget to note down your travel moments and memories with pictures.

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