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The manifestation of animal cruelty is barbaric and disgusting for many, however such acts are tolerated in turn for human desires such as wealth and beauty. What is the benefit in doing this gut wrenching, inhumane and unfathomable acts to our animals? What’s at stake? Our beauty? Wealth? Business?

I’ve always been an animal lover. I used to have a tank full of fish, a puppy, two doves, kittens, a duckling and even a hermit crab. Pets are there to comfort and accompany you in whatever you do. They’re not there to judge you based on your appearance or your cultural heritage. They are there to provide happiness and joy whenever you need.

Livestock is one of the main resources of human consumption however there are other ways to slaughter them, that are humane and respectful for food purposes. As much I love eating meat I could not fathom the idea of livestock dying in an inhumanely process.

I believe that as humans we should show care for animals because we owe them a lot. They are our resource for food, cosmetics and some clothes. According to authors of The Principles of Humane Experimental Technique Russell and Burch “the number of animals used in research and testing has continued to increase. Recent estimates suggest that at least 100 million animals are used each year worldwide.” Despite of this issue being raised “it is clear that the number of animals used in research has not significantly declined over the past several decades.” (source)

I was baffled when I saw an article on the local newspaper the other day and that something so inhumane and savage was made to this wonderful creature. On the 19th of May, a few minutes away from my residential place, a King Charles spaniel was found on the roadside, near the Hume Highway on a ramp at Raby Rd. (source: Macarthur Advertiser) The second part is what baffles me, the dog was found skinned on purpose and was thrown on the streets after the gruesome act by its killer. A motorcyclist found the skinned dog and reported it to the Animal Welfare League. After the dog was taken and examined. Jody Scott, Campbeltown Lost Found and Injured Pets Facebook co-ordinator said “a vet confirmed the dog had evidence on its head of a captive bolt pistol, a device used for stunning animals prior to slaughter usually in an abattoir.”

Apparently these incidents have been happening in a significant amount of time and members of the community are not aware. Furthermore Ms. Scott testified that “over the last two years she had heard of about 10 similar incidents — of skinned cats and dogs — from Appin to Glenfield…this (skinning) has been going on a lot — for at least two years that I’m aware of.” This statement had left me in shock, because this kind of atrocious acts has been happening in my own backyard and I am completely unaware.

“As Australians, dog and cat meat consumption is not something anyone would advocate,” Mr Chanthivong,mayor of Campbeltown said.

Many had already called for the ban of skinning domestic pets in the area of Campbeltown. Many have felt outraged by the incident.

For more reading: Dog found skinned in ‘gruesome’ case of animal cruelty

Facts that you may have not known:

·Pets are most likely will experience domestic violence from troubled home as they are thought to be a ‘property’ (source)

· Fur used on clothing sold in many countries comes from China where there are no animal cruelty laws. In addition, makeup companies are required to test their products on animals before selling.

· Greyhounds are used for entertainment in the form of ‘sports’ and killing them off when they can no longer race. (source)

· Most puppies came from puppy farms where they are locked away in cages and sold with mental health issues from the lack of affection and killed when they are no longer ‘productive’. (source)

· Endangered species such as the Green sea turtle and the dugongs are being hunted for their meat. Watch a video here: (Warning: Viewing discretion is advised.)


Want to buy a new puppy? Do some research before you get them from breeders or pet shops. Across all of Australia puppy farms or puppy mill (more like ‘puppy prison’) operates, leaving puppies in cages and will never be let out for walks or grow normally to be mentally and physically healthy. They are just mere ‘breeding machines’ These puppies live in appalling conditions where they are permanently locked away in a cell as if they’ve done heinous crime. Some unfortunate ones will spend their entire lifetime living in a cage with filthy and overcrowded environments. Living in certain condition means that these puppies would not get the adequate care, nutrition, affection and attention therefore they might display mental health issues, behavioural and shorter life expectancy.

Puppy farms produce all sorts of breeds from pure bred to mix breeds so to see if a puppy comes from a puppy farm it cannot be based on its breed. Help to end puppy farms click here .

Animal cruelty is atrocious and savage so here are some small steps to help out battle this issue. Making small acts together can truly make a difference


Instead of buying clothes that has leather or fur…Why not buy alternative items? There are so much more clothing that do not contain animal skin or hide. Instead of buying expensive, well-know and branded makeup products that has been obviously tested on animals, find brands that is more cruelty free. This guide may offer some options for you. It is truly difficult to find brand that is cruelty-free but try your best because this is a small step in combating cruelty towards animals. No consumers means no products. To help you with choosing the right brands here is a list.

For food, I’m not telling you to go fully vegetarian but choose animal products that treat animals humanely, For example. Steggles chicken does not put hormones in their chicken and even Halal food are acceptable as animals are slaughtered in the most human way when it is halal.

In NSW, no law specifically authorises or prohibits the eating of cats or dogs however, the killing of cats or dogs for human consumption may constitute an offence under Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1979. Processing and selling cat or dog meat is prohibited under the Food Act 2003.

Donate in your country’s humane society, or even in you local shelter. DONATE NOW!


Report any cases or any havoc that animals may cause through RSPCA, Animal welfare League or local shelters. They can deal with situations and have legal rights in cases such as hoarding, dog fighting, and physical damage on property or neglect.


To truly help a pet in need, a really good way is to rescue animal from animal shelters. Most pets are subject to euthanization because they are either old or there is no space for them and if you decide to adopt one, you will not only provide them with a home and family you will also save their lives. To find out more about adopting pets from RSPCA or donating. Click here!


During my research, I got teary seeing what these animals go through and how they are being treated. I have witnessed Green Sea turtles flippers being chopped off and other bloody ferocious images that I dare not describe as they were horrible. I understand that this acts have been happening for a really long time because we do need animal products however in light of my research I also found out that animal cruelty is not necessary and there are other alternatives in order to get our animal products in humanely way. We can all help together and stop animals from being slaughtered and tested. Let’s stop animal cruelty and save lives.

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