Information & Space

2016 Fall with Kyuha Shim

Day 1 | August 30th, 2016

In Information and Space, we explore what P5.js can help designers create. I took this class because I can see the print industry from which traditional graphic design comes from is becoming obsolete, and designers in 21st century has to explore new frontiers by going into coding. The library is powerful and I just started learning about it. The javascript syntax was re-packaged into familiar English words and therefore it is not too hard to use.

DUE Sep 1st

  1. Find a partner to work with.

— I learned about

  1. p5.js is two to three functions infinitely looping.

— I thought about

  1. How can information design be elevated with coding?

Day 2 | September 1st , 2016

Khuya walked us through some really cool exercises that showed us the potential of Javascript in both p5.js as well as in indesign. I was awed by how coding and manipulate computer-aided design softwares. I want to read Khuya’s articles.

Due Sep 6th

  1. Drawing tool

— I learned

  1. Refreshed my memory on loop and other Data structures. I want to look deeper into javascript.

— Thought about

  1. How to absorb first and digest second. I need to look at existing brushes and then I can start making my own :).

Day 3 | Sept 6th , 2016

Me and my mentor’s products
Absorb first and then digest, you don’t have to know everything and remember: learning is keeping doing things that you are not familiar with. Also I have to spend some time preparing for the next project and therefore I must read the assignments clearly.

Due Sep 8th

  1. Choose a site and collect information
  2. Meet with Anqi tomorrow (Phipps for now)

— I learned

  1. so much from people around me, and I am glad that I start to learn so much by looking at other people’s work.

— Thought about

  1. I have to thoroughly read the library and understand all the components as well as the presentation libraries. These libraries are sooooo cooool!!!
  2. I should start uploading my code to my github website. It is nice to both code and design.

Khuya’s example

Day 4 | Sept 6th , 2016

I was frustrated today because my editor doesn’t work. However, it was great to talk to my mentor and Bettina so that I get cool ideas flowing in my mind. They are the best people to interact with :). Anyway, taking their advice, I decided to make the conservatory going a visualizing experience. When visitors arrive at the site, they will be presented with the path visualizations of the previous museum goers and they can pick the art that they like and mix with their path. They can take pictures of the color that they see on the way and then mix their color with colors from other people. A little bit inspired by Artbyte as well. Thanks Helen :’).

— Due Sep 8th

  1. Some parameters to work with.

— Learned

  1. image load; however, I need to install node.js to make my site works :(.

— Thought about

  1. How I can make my images interesting, also I have to consider what is do-able??

Day 6 | Sept 16th , 2016

Today we had a presentation day and the awesome thing about that is we can have Q’s feedback. Q generatlly thought that anqi and I had good ideas but that we need to show it and consolidate our information mapping.

— Due Sep 22th (nothing is due for 20th)

  1. Wireframes of the concept
  2. A consolidated and finalized model.

— What I learned

— What I thought about.

Day 7 | Sept 20th , 2016

Q showed us how to play with speech.js, gif.js and other great p5.js libraryies. I have to make time to day to play with these things. Thanks.

Day 13 | Oct 11th , 2016

Today Q led us through a series of exercises that focus on honing our coding skills. The expression he taught us was very simple but powerful. I want to spend some time reviewing it. I figured now that everyday I have to leave some time to reviewing what I learened today and then apply it to what I am going to do. Otherwise, my education would be a waste of my time and my parents’ money. Also, put your hour in, god damn it! Call PNC and have your card unfreeze!