Photo Credit : Patrick Hendry

(I) Matter

If what I thought mattered, I wouldn’t second-guess myself.
I would make a decision and stick to it.
I wouldn’t bow down to societal pressure.
I would proudly share my point of view.

If what I did mattered, I would’t procrastinate.
I would push myself to achieve.
I wouldn’t be another cog in the machine.
I would soar to the greatest heights.

If what I wrote mattered, I wouldn’t leave it in my drafts.
I would publish every idea I had.
I wouldn’t censor any word.
I would express myself without inhibition.

If what I dreamt mattered, I wouldn’t forget.
I would be optimistic about the possibilities.
I wouldn’t consider them too grand.
I would look forward to waking up.

Because I matter, I won’t stick to the hypothetical.
I will do all the things I ought to.
I won’t undervalue or minimize.
I will publish this article.

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