Research. Rethink. Rebuild.

I remember back when downloading a song (mp3 or otherwise) took no less than 30 minutes. I use that figure generously for I know most times it took much longer.

That has changed drastically…for the most part and I, for one, am totally dependent on the Internet. In my line of work, I am more productive when plugged in (to the Internet and a 3.5mm plug).

Constant access to this plethora of information we call the interweb only exposes me to the fact that there’s ALWAYS something better.

This rule holds in most, if not all situations and it is important to note that any conparison between bodies of work is subjective i.e dependent on the viewpoint of the observer. This is to say that what’s good for you isn’t necessarily good for me.

That aside, it is quite common for a you to fall into the comfort zone where the fruits of your labor, your pet project or even that boring work deliverable, is pure perfection. This again, is quite subjective.

Criticism not only breaks you down, it builds you up.

The day I signed up for a Github account was the day I realized that I was not unique in any working sense of the word. I was flooded with an influx of source code and workflows I never thought were possible, let alone existed.

I spent the next couple of weeks rewriting my code, optimizing it and improving every minute aspect of my codebase. Truth be told, I’m still improving it.

A few years down the line (and thousands of LOC later), I am convinced that anything made can, and should be improved.

Always be prepared to rethink your approach to solving a problem especially when you think you’re done.

There’s always better. All you have to do is be brave enough to look. So buy a data plan or steal your neighbour’s Wi-Fi password and get to trolling the Internet.