5 Trendy Floor Coverings to Keep Your Feet Warm In Winters

As winter arrives, surroundings at home undergo a major change — from bedding, flooring and even the color themes, everything demands a transformation. However, there are times we forget about floors. Floor coverings are the most important elements as they bring about warmth around you. These coverings are available in multiple fabrics, shapes, sizes and patterns.

Area rugs, carpets, and hallway runners are varying kinds of floor covers available in the market. During winters, it is best to use only specific types of rugs such as woolen rugs or shag rugs. Likewise, carpets and hallway runners can also vary from season to season. To maintain that classy look in winters, you must follow these trendy floor covers ideas that are given below.

Classy Animal Print Rugs

Animal prints are always admirable. A contemporary style rug with zebra print under the smart wooden center table would keep your feet comfortably warm as you sit on your sofa. Animal prints can feature tiger or leopard theme, bringing in an exotic element to all kinds of home decors.

Double-Shaded Large Area Rug with Leaf Motif

Nothing is more important than a cozy bedroom during the winters. A large sized rug will completely cover the floor of the room. So, you do not have to get worried even if you want to walk bare feet in your room. A leafy pattern on this rug would infuse a soothing touch to the atmosphere, blending well with the wintry weather.

Patterned Solid Carpets

Carpets are usually available in large sizes, enough to cover the floor of a place completely. During winter, dark colors like maroon, brown, or navy blue would look the most appealing. Choose a solid-colored carpet with bright patterns to suit all kinds of bedroom settings. These carpets are available in multiple fabrics like cotton, wool, and jute. It is better to use wool carpets in winters because they are stitched with thick threads to keep your surroundings from becoming cold and to insulate the bedroom to avoid the loss of warmth.

White Cozy Shag Rugs

Shag rugs are can be the most convincing floor coverings you can have in winters. Shag rugs come stitched with varying fabrics like synthetic, cotton, nylon, wool, etc. White shag rugs are usually in demand because of their great texture and capability to bring maximum warmth. Setting them under your bed or covering the whole floor of the bedroom gives a perfect landing experience to your cold morning feet. A white shag rug becomes a multi-purpose floor covering that can go about with any kind of setting.

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