Rug Mistakes that must be avoided

Often comes a time when after putting in a great deal of efforts in enhancing our homes beautifully, some sort of synchronization still remains. Making our living space sluggish. And at a lot of times, we do not realize the simple mistakes that we make which becomes a hindrance in styling our homes perfectly. Well, not worry here we have some common rug mistakes listed by well renowned interior designers that can be avoided to ace that flawless look of your interiors.

1.Selecting a rug for your area in the last

While decorating and redecorating our homes, we consider rugs to be least important, and often make the mistake of choosing the rug in the last after everything else is finalized. But rugs being big and staggering have the magic of accentuating a place beautifully and thus must be the first thing to select.

The order must go as choose a rug, then throw pillows followed by textiles for curtains and so on. A few throw pillows on the rug can change the dynamics of your living space say the best interior designers of this time.

2.Picking rugs that are too small

Another common mistake that needs urgent amendment is the choice of small rugs in your living area. Rugs can make your room look small or bigger. The super talented interior designers across the world suggest to have a large rug in your living room that front legs of your living room furniture rests on it. Being able to tie the place together, smaller rugs become inadequate for a quality like that.

3.Doubting the patterns

The walls that are tinted with simple hues without any graphics or textural patterns accompanied with plain upholstery can make a living space look dull and monotonous. And then adding a rug that’s again plain and simple becomes a sin.

So skim it and scooch in a rug with beautiful and lively patterns inspired by animal prints or floral. A huge range of stripped and various contemporary patterns can escalate your living space’s vibrant feel vividly.

Now that you know the reason why after putting maximum efforts your living spaces lack on style and design quotient, it’s time for refinement. Rugpal has solutions for all home décor needs that brings glow and glam all at once.

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