Spruce it Up: 4 Indispensable Rug Add-Ons

Rugs are the most versatile items with which you can decorate your home. They set up the brightness, color and tone for your home décor. Without them the house almost feels incomplete. However, these rugs alone do not play it up. Décor accessories like throw pillows, baskets, ottoman and poufs are additions that can transform the look of your rug.

Indispensable Rug Add-Ons(rugpal.com)

Allow us to help you find the perfect accessories to match with your rugs:


A throw is a lightweight cover for your furniture. And it is a very important component of your home décor. Find the perfect throw that matches the color of your rugs, and place them on your sofas that have contrasting colors to create an eye-catching color block effect. Use them as lightweight covers for your chairs, poufs and ottoman.

Decorative Pillows

Nothing looks better than a set of decorative/throw pillows that match the base color of the sofas. Not only will it give a welcoming and comforting look to your room but will also add to the beauty of the sofa. Place another set on your bed and give it a royal and classy look. Decorative pillows can be arranged in a set of odd or even numbers, all depending upon the décor theme.

Poufs and Ottoman

Aren’t we all just tired of sitting in a single place all the time, be it on a sofa or your bed? And we know finding the right chairs with the right color and patterns can be a tiring affair. Do not worry though we have the perfect solution for you. Get a couple of pairs of poufs and ottoman. The simple pieces of furniture are wondrous creations for a décor upgrade regimen. These are easy to move and appropriate for all places, and they give a more hospitable ambience to room settings.


Get a set of designer baskets that go with the theme of your home décor. You can place them by the sofa, your bed, on the shelves, by the study and more. It is just a fun addition to your rugs. Place whatever you feel like dropping in the baskets, be it clothes or anything crafty.

After all, why just rely solely on the rugs to establish the panache of your home? Instead, support it with different accessories that not only provide a touch of trendiness to your house but are also equally useful at your home. A little effort can take you a long way.

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