Entrepreneurial Punks:Why Your Kids Should Better Be Listening To the “Sex Pistols”If you want them to be the next “Steven Jobs”.

Anarchic,passionate and irreverent.This is how some might Describe Punk-Rockers,In this Article i will try to Go through the mindsets and lessons that we can learn from the punk bands that started a Musical Revolution within the late seventies.I know what you might be asking.. {Punk Rock|Business} Heu,what?but to me Punk is an Attitude that can be transferred to many areas within our lives. While it might seems that there’s no distinct or clear correlation between punk rock and the Business world,Within this blog i will show you how Being a punk is not about the Blue Hair,Growling vocals and a huge wall of sounds ..But it’s more about a set of great tools and mind-frames that will have a great impact when it comes to developing your entrepreneurial Skills and attitude.Great,but before that i want to start with a Youtube Video where The founder of Twitter “Jack Dorsey” goes through the influence of Punk rock according to him on Open Source,His Coding Skills and the creation of “Twitter”.


Here’s My 7 Lessons that punk rock can teach you about Entrepreneurship:

-1-Adapt or Die:How Punk-rock can teach you a lesson when it comes to Using creativity to Raise above Challenges.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives,
not the most intelligent that survives.
It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” 
Charles Darwin

While the main topic here is about the lessons that punk can teach us about creating a Business and being an Entrepreneur,this lesson can be applied to anything in life .Adaptability is such an asset when it comes to relationships,Life,Friendships,Health….

Punk-rock teaches you that you better get things done rather than bitching about the Status Quo. It also reminds that through creativity and vision all the obstacles can be turned into challenges and opportunities for alternative Business models,Record labels and ways of seeing the world .Rather than waiting for things to be perfect,we are encouraged to work with what we have and still achieve our goals.

“You better Ask for forgiveness then wait around seeking permission”.Punks will tell you!!This kind of mindset will define whether your business will stop or keep moving when faced with a major Issue or Various challenges .{No Market for your products,Failures, losing a major Client for your business..} Adaptability the Punk rock way,Makes you see things the following way.Alright!! We clearly have an issue here ..that sucks but what can i do about it? Instead of being a pussy about taking major risks and challenges you are most likely to be asking yourself.{What’s the worst thing that can ever happen? a Kind of “Screw it let’s do it” Mentality “let’s tribute that to Richard Bronson”. Back on topic,Such a mindset won’t always lead you to the magical solution .Still, it will sure make you more creative when it comes to solving obstacles .You will be creatively going through a list of what can be done. rather than a list of endless excuses.

-2-The Diy”Do it Yourself” Ethic:You Better do it Yourself or No one else will Do it For you.

“We are the punks of today, we are the punks of tomorrow
We will fight for what is right, we will fight to live our lives
We fight regardless of what you say
Look around at what we’ve created, take a good look at the scene
Build something from nothing, we gave it meaning
DIY or die, look out for everyone, concentrate on having fun
We can’t fight each other, gotta try to stick together
That’s how we’ll keep the scene strong.”The Unseen — DIY

This is one of the Main reasons why Punk rock is such an influential and Important movement.The #Diy Ethic {Do it yourself} makes it in a way that it’s far more than a musical sub genre and more into an alternative political Movement and a lifestyle definer . “Diy” is so crucial to Punk rock since Almost every Punk rock record specially when the Genre started to grow, are done by musicians who dedicated their time and resources into Composing,recording and Creating labels to Distribute music.Punks don’t stop there ,but push it further , even when the Music is recorded and Published they hold concerts,Organize events,Design t-shirt and flyers..always with a Do it yourself kind Fashion and an era of defiance to the Status Quo and the music industry .The same “Dna” runs today through Startup owners and Young entrepreneurs who makes it through Bootstrapping,taking Actions and defining their destiny through massive amount of Hustle,Vision and not slacking around waiting to be discovered .

-3-.Pay Your Dues Before You pay the Rent:How to not Take the easy Way Out.

Obviously,there’s a huge myth within any field which is the {Overnight Success}.Mainstream Media tend to Glorify and over-focus on the Giants within the Tech-Industry {Facebook,Twitter,Apple..}Starting with Jack Dorsey’s insights on how punk rock relates to coding etc..had the purpose to illustrate this Point, it’s never that linear,neither that clean or Genius!!.Punk musicians just as young Geeky tech -entrepreneurs put in the work for months ,years,Decades..Without weekends off,going through the mess of touring with your band or coding with your co-founders is kind of the same.You are paying your dues!!Big success often takes time,that’s why you need to take it step by step,Concert per-concert making tiny progress but keep focusing on the Big picture.What the{Social Network} forgot to tell you is the amount of harsh rejection,years of failures,businesses and projects you need to start before you make it.Punk kind of demystify this myth and throw out of the window the “Glorious Shiny objects” Syndrome.Punks don’t wait to be discovered or sign on a major Label, they instead put the work , do it themselves and learn from failures.

-4-Learn the Rules Only to Break them? No Question them And why not Reject them.

Punk Questioned Mainstream music,Virtuoso guitar players,Classically trained Musicians,Consumerism and Materialist Values.This is why people identify so much with Punk ethics because not all of us had those clear well prepared career paths Because guess what?we also never thought of ourselves as Entrepreneurs.

Most of us are “Accidental Entrepreneurs” through lack of Jobs opportunities or stumbling through a Valid Business idea.The same With Punk rock,You are a punk-rocker when you come to it accidentally,maybe your friend has a band and ask you to grab a bass because their Bass player is on vacation with his girlfriend.Maybe you have found a guitar and learned few chords,while singing hateful lyrics about your ex…

Whatever you case might be, one thing is sure Punk Music is more about vision and attitude than Technical Skills.This is where Comes the rejection of the status Quo,Questioning the rules and breaking them.Startups rely heavily now on people who question the rules,technology and the Internet have made it so hard to stick to a manual and a way of doing things.Now it’s more about experimentation,testing and doing what works for you.Fresh Ideas run out of Fashion pretty quickly and the only constant is change.Your Business needs to be not only adaptable but also be able to grab rules,bend them and turn them Upside down,This is needs to be done through questioning why they were created in the first place.Following the old rules is like Being a Classical Painting in a Gallery about the History of Pop Art.what i mean? such a classical Business model does not Belong to the current state of the Field.

-5-Swimming against the Tide:How to Piss people off and in the process Attract your Core Customers And Super-Fans.

Let’s face it,Punk rock Will never go Mainstream!!Why? because obviously most people are not into Growling,screaming vocals,Noise and fast power Chords.And that’s awesome !! .Because it leaves the space to the core fans,the Brand evangelists …The kind of fans that will travel miles to attend a tiny House concert in the middle of nowhere.Now let’s apply this Mindset and perspective to Business.What do i mean?Instead of trying to appeal to the masses with catchy Pop melodies,in this case a product that is widely used and wanted.Swim against the tide.and start telling people why your brand,product or service is not for them.Think of it this way by discouraging the wrong people you attract the right ones.This is obviously a counter-Intuitive advice that’s not only inspired by Punk but goes against all the advice out there.In a world where every business is chasing the next twitter follower or email sign-up how on earth would you offend people to attract others?I know but here’s the deal when it comes to the growth of your Business venture or startup all you need is as stated by Kevin Kelly’s 1,000 True Fans Theory .1.000 true dedicated fan. so what you are waiting for ? pick up your Battle and start telling people why your product is great for them and tell others why they better check with your my Competition.

-6-Quit Being Lazy And Move Your Ass:Why you need to stand up For Yourself and Start that Business.

Punks Don’t waste time. After all why would you spend the evening watching {Breaking Bad} when you have a Flyer to design,Shows,records to be made and other bands that relies on your alternative Label to publish their New edgy Punk Single.Punk rock also bring a Harsh but also Interesting truth and fact.Which is,That the most influential and The greatest punk bands were not the ones with the most talent but the ones who put the most work.Toured,recorded Albums and made it possible through an extreme work ethic and a big vision for themselves.This reality is seen also across the startup world,where great ideas never flourish due to the creators or founders being lazy or giving up on their dreams.Obviously this not by any means an invitation to give up on your Ideas but let’s take the good news here,you can achieve anything you want through hustle and hard Work.Outwork your competition,keep adapting and innovating and you will surely slowly but steadily get there.

7- Hold A Vision:Not Happy with the Status Quo?Picture Your Utopia And Make it Real.-

Punk Bands had an amazing strong vision about what might be a perfect Alternative music Scene.They have defined the Core principles,Goals and Vision.They also Managed to find ways to go about doing and achieving their goals With some creative and innovative solutions. The same must be done when it comes to starting Your business.You are short on marketing Budget?Why not experiment with a new social Media Platform.Educate yourself about the “Growth hacking”Movement and start implementing creative techniques to achieve your goals,makes sales and widen your influence. The examples are endless,But it’s still the same lesson,Not happy with how things are?instead of wining and bitching around making excuses,think in terms of goals Hold that vision and do it anyway.Not easy i know but you can do it the punk-Rock way.

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