Micro-Content Marketing:The Ultimate 8 techniques to Leverage micro Content And Market for The dummy Goldfishes.

“We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters.”- Peter Thiel

I know dummy goldfishes,an extract from “”What Happened To The Future?”manifesto where Peter Thiel disses twitter. what all this have to do with Micro-content and leveraging it for your own Business.Here’s the thing,while longer blog posts and content might get you some seo Benefits and that sweet,yummy google Juice,micro-content is your currency when it comes to most of the marketing channels out there and specially social Media platforms.Yeah right!! those twitter limitations of 140 Characters.I know i sound like a huge hater but it’s totally the opposite,Now let’s clear the Goldfish part of the story:

  • According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, at the U.S. National Library of Medicine, the average attention span of a human being has dropped from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2013. This is one second less than the attention span of a goldfish. That’s right, goldfish have an attention span of 9 seconds — 1 second more than you and I.

You might still want flying cars but for now i hope you got my point about why micro-content is crucial and let’s focus on marketing for Goldfishes .How to incorporate Micro-posts within your marketing strategy in order to assure some levels of success.Before that let’s address a basic question:

What are the main key features of some Micro-content?

Let’s not complicate things here,Micro -content is exactly what it sounds like,Some micro-communications,Message and Media exchanged between you and your followers..Vine Videos,Pins,And twitter updates are some examples of a micro-content in action.One thing to mention also is with the raise of use and adoption of mobile phones to access the internet,Micro content will keep gaining importance with time.Put yourself into your users’s shoes would you be reading a couple of short straight to the point messages with emojis,short headlines..Or the full blog post on your phone?You guessed it{Bring those # and Emojis}.if you still lack some kind of inspiration here’s some Micro-content Bible for you:

-1-Sexy and Catchy headlines: with tons of trendy Buzzwords,Relevant Hashtags,And Seo Optimized.

-2-Curated Articles: sharing other people’s articles and blog posts,is another option to deliver value to your audience,and help you also network with industry thought leaders.with that said make sure you keep your readers updated with your insights and what you think about the content you are sharing.

-3-Lifestyle photography,And motivation Quotes:Quotes,Inspirational short stories and lifestyle photography is both a huge personal branding asset as well as a great micro-content to use.You came up with some memorable,cool insight?re-purpose it and turn it into a quote,Use stock photography to leverage that experience and get people to want to share it with others.

Ninja Trick:same technique could be used to offer your followers some tips on the fly-,re-purposing tips and make them look shiny and sexy will help you get your content viral,as well as explore more platforms such as Pintrest,Instagram….

-4-Vines And Micro-Videos:Vine and Instagram videos are cool let’s be real!!shoot a quick video about your brand or product update.Just keep in mind to Keep it short!Funny,valuable and engaging.

-5-Funny,Memes About trendy Industry topics: Humor ,depending on the tone of your brand and your personal style of blogging etc.. can be huge when it comes ti your marketing strategy,a Picture speaks more than a 1000 words,specially when it’s funny and entertaining.

Despite the fact that Micro-content provide less-longevity than longer blog posts,articles..Today those type of micro-post and updates are more suited for a Noisy digital world.Here’s my top 8 techniques to capture users’s attention and drive them to your content.

Micro-Content Marketing:The Ultimate 8 techniques to Leverage micro Content And Market for The dummy Goldfishes.

-1-Master the Art of the Quick to Consume Content,Bullet points And Catchy Headlines.

You should be able to develop some really quick to consume bits and pieces.Think in terms of tweets,pics ,And micro videos.Don’t just stick to the regular headline,experiment with varieties, like creating micro-posts out of data,Quotes within an article..Your updates should be easy to grab like when it’s “Social Media Snacks time”.Think Mobile,are you delivering quality experience and updates for your mobile users? if not make sure you do it.Keep it short,Concise and straight to the Point.

-2-Brandify it:Start Using Logos,Design And stock images to Constantly Communicate Your Brand Core values,Mission And Story.

Your efforts to market your Blog -posts,new product or Workshop should be also aligned with your effort to establish your brand.when polishing your next micro-content piece try to integrate some graphics,colors and visual bits that are aligned with your Brand.Don’t just throw your logo out there.you have a fancy picture for your blog? why not add your twitter handle to it? Your Personal #,small details i know but it makes all the difference.

-3-Incorporate Relevant call to -actions Into your posts And Updates.

You should always keep in mind your end goal.Which is ideally to build a list or grow your Email marketing subscribers..It might also be to make some sell or drive people to your website.Whatever it is don’t be shy or avoid adding some call to action to your Updates.this will help you achieve your goals faster and come up with a more re-warding and beneficial updates.

-4-Automate Micro-Content creation and Develop it in Batches.

This tip will help you reduce the amount of time needed for content creation also cots..experiment with creating batched of content for a week or 2.With that mindset in mind just also make sure you keep up a range of flexibility to add some extra bits and pieces when needed or something comes up.Creating a load of micro-content each time will also get you to accumulate a bunch of options ,tweets and updates that later can be re-used in different times in order to drive the maximum engagement and target most of you tribe members.

-5-Make your Newsletters/Email Social:Use call to actions and Social Sharing buttons to spread your articles far and beyond.

If you have a decent email newsletters subscribers, and you are sharing your posts with them,make sure you add sharing buttons and clear calls to actions.Many Businesses use tools such as Click to Tweet to achieve such results.

-6-Curate Batches of Micro-Content:Leveraging other people’s Articles in order to deliver value to your community.

Tools like {Feedly,Scoop.it} could be used to curate content from other thought leaders within your industry.This is a huge asset and micro-content marketing technique that most marketers use.and that for plenty of reasons.Only sharing your content will harm your online presence also fails to answer all your community’s answers and expectations.

-7-Come Up with themes,Template and Layouts:Make sure you deliver some remarkable Series and Rock-star like Content and Updates.

Take it this way! if you don’t have something interesting to say,people won’t listen. In the digital marketing world readers,followers and people in general have so much choice when it comes to consuming articles and information.Make sure you come up with interesting concepts and high -quality content.This include coming up with series of updates that shares the same Dna:#Hasghtags,Colors,Tone…Make a Sunday Vine series when you deliver short funny videos every week. Turn some of your tips into photos that could be re-purposed in slide-share and i don’t know call it {Monday Slides}.this is obviously some generic examples but i count on you to be creative and most of all keep it fun.

-8-Diversify/Leverage each Digital Marketing Channel And Social Media platform to it’s Maximum Potential.

Your job isn’t finished yet after you tweeted about your last cool blog post.You can argue that marketing it and Generating cool micro-content that grabs other people’s attention and drive them to your website is the part that will drive most of the results.Experiment with various and multiple channels to deliver your content. Be smart about it and treat each medium or channel separately,Play with features,target audience and segments and tailor your Updates accordingly.This will make sure you get the most out of each channel,also deliver great experience to your audience.

Now you have these tools and Techniques in your hands,make sure to implement but also Keep in Mind:Long-form Content is still the main piece of the Puzzle.You should balance both activities and not favor one over the other since they go both hand in hand.

I wanna make sure before we wrap up with this that you don’t focus all your time on creating catchy-micro content,Vine videos and memes just to drive your followers nowhere, it’s like building a hype over a store in television,ads.. bring hundred of people then it turns out the store is empty.Many brands fall in this trap where they see the small picture instead of the bigger one which is that you micro-content is a lead magnet that move your customer across the Buyer’s journey.Content as Inbound marketing suggest it should be used to{Attract,Convert,Close and Delight} your customers.Obviously achieving all this solely with micro-content wouldn’t be done but still use it wisely in order to Initiate interest and drive attention home.

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