Shit Will Make Sense,Eventually.

Eventually everything connects — people, ideas, objects… the quality of the connections is the key to quality per se.”Charles Eames”.

We grew up so addicted as a society to the “Quick Fix”,the top 10 hacks to weight loss within the next hour.How to game girls, to date and and have an army of kids…

While educating yourself about the different aspects of life isn’t harmful in itself,also i’m not hating on Listicles neither the pick up industry, i love most of the content generated about these subjects and within this specific format.{I Adore Lists}.

The thing is once you get used to such a Load of information specially when you are young,you kind of think that life in a sense has to be linear,that each step of yours should be studied and educated,otherwise you are losing your time..

Every time, i find one of these Articles or videos on “What i would tell my younger,20 something self” i will mostly read it Why?

same reasons i wanna hack the shit out of my life to get the most of it. One thing is shared within these articles is to {Trust it,things will be ok and don’t overthink every Action}.

I mean this is some quite bad and good Advice in the same time why? Because is suggest to chill and live in the moment,which means if you are procrastinating,or doing things wrong is to keep doing that..But it also tell you that once you are on the journey to success,is to have some blind faith that it will somehow works Amazing for you.

I’m a huge Believer of this ,because to some extent most of the opportunities that presented themselves to me where organized around this principle .I don’t claim i have a huge success or anything, but i can pin-point those times where i just graduated, i was jobless and decided to learn Web-development.

I have made a couple of e-commerce websites mainly selling “Yoga Pants”,”Tennis Table shops”..through affiliates,it was like not that big of a deal at those times because i didn’t care too much about the products and it was depressing honestly because i hardly made any money on it.

In the same time through those experiences i have developed skills in {Online marketing,Wordpress,Web Development,Affiliate marketing and it forced me to know about Seo,Plr Articles and to write on subjects i’m not familiar with}.

These skills later allowed me to launch a website for my Royalty free music Business,Netlabel and got me the Job interview in the job i’m currently working at.

{The Manager thought that having an Indie/Hacker mentality kind of dude’s great} and that i have some kind of great set of soft-skills judging by the portfolio of clients i have worked with on Pinterest {Making Boards for Shaving Products,fitness,Food Porn..}..Why i’m telling you all this non-sense?

Simple,in order for you to relax and kind of trust the process,that one day it will all makes sense,that you will start seeing connections now are not even possible to see.To look to your Journey according to the Buddhist Notion of Karma{You basically reap what you sow}.and You will eventually live the consequences of your Actions.

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”-Steve Jobs”

Steve Jobs,he has given the example of Calligraphy.He learned the calligraphy for the sake of his interest,but when he was making Mac he put calligraphy for font,writing style in it.

There’s a great quote Also by him where he says {“ Why join the navy if you can be the pirate ? “}. i guess both of these quotes are so aligned,once you trust the process and give up the notion of a linear path.

You give yourself the opportunity to go on endless journeys .To pursue your passions,exploring,taking risks…Trust me things will turn out to be more than ok.

You might Question your journey at some point, I mean it might seems like all of it does not makes sense and looks some kind of futile in a sense.

In life you need to lose sight of the end goal sometimes,and take it one step at a time ,trusting it all.!!

Connecting the Dots,means owning every success,experience and pitfall in one’s life not shying away from it,but understanding that it was there for a reason,

it’s hard sometimes to see tragic events through this scope of reasoning but it’s true.What might seems like an individual event will soon translate into an experience.

Those adversities,define you and lay the path for your journey,we all wanna avoid failures by any costs,taking the short-path.

Connecting the dots, trusting the process and learning to incorporate and draw from one’s past to better live in the future and have opportunities that otherwise might have not presented themselves to you.

What might seems a trivial experience in one’s life leads to wonders in the future,Life’s unpredictable .Trust it and use those life-frameworks to your advantage.

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