The 7 Skills that will Save Your Career In 2016:Learn how these Tips and Skills will Make you Shine,In any Company,Field or Niche.

In fast moving environments,fast Skill acquisition and having multiple set of tools is a must.Way are gone those jobs where you are only asked to do one thing and do it well.Now career jobs and Businesses are more in needs of individuals who are easily flexible,well read and have some entrepreneurial spirit Combined with strong Emotional Intelligence. Innovation,Adaptability,Stress management not only will assure you survive in the corporate and business world ,but will set you a part from competitors and fellow peers.This is why i’am giving you these 7 skills and straight-forward knowledge just to make sure you are well -prepared to challenges that might face you ahead.Here’s my top:7 Skills that will Save Your Career In 2016.

-1-Always Grow and Build Your Unique Selling Proposition {Sheep Vs Unique Thought Leaders}.

People often get frustrated when they are not given that special favor ,treatment or being considered as an exception.But what most individuals miss is that it’s partially due to their actions and lack of attention to what they can offer to the company Business or project. By not developing your competitive edge or unique selling proposition you risk the fact that you will be seen as one of those sheeps constantly following,not innovating thinking or coming up with cutting-edge creative solutions.The Good news in this is that there’s a huge potential,since people don’t” take the time to asses and work on their Strong points,it’s a huge opportunity for you to do it and win your Dream job career or Perfect client deal.Learn to put your unique value propositions and what set you apart from the crowd ahead,Market it,Showcase it and keep in mind that your peers are your competitors,if you won’t do it someone else will and you will be seen as one of those people who lack Creativity and vision.Why Risk it? Just do it now.

-2-The Status Quo Vs.Constant Change:How to Embrace Changes and give up on The illusion of Consistency.

Comfort is the Killer of creativity,Opportunity and Growth!!:As individuals and Professionals we tend to become easily satisfied with the status quo and current situation although this might means that we get more comfortable and feel slightly at ease and relatively confident,this also means that we no longer yearn for development and personal or professional growth.If you wanna master the game of getting ahead in life you need to be embracing changes and Chaos instead of easily opt-in for consistency and the Status Quo. When you choose to simply conform to the ways always have been done you are choosing to be replaced sooner or later. As entrepreneurs without changes there won’t be room for opportunity.Failing to do so or follow the unpredictable patterns of life will guarantee failure and an un-significant career journey.

-3-Celebrate Your Risk -Taking Side:How to stop Being Hesitant and Take Courageous well informed Risks that it’s Backed with Data.

The riskiest thing is to take no risks”.

This is more obvious and have way more serious impact on your results when it comes to the entrepreneurial world.When you don’t take risks with your business or startup you will always be left behind while others who do and take a leap of faith will be the ones creating the next innovative project,Product or solution that revolutionize the Industry.Any important idea that end it up changing the world seemed way too risky or foolish for the ones who created it.With that said you also need to learn how to evaluate risks dish non — calculated ones and constantly taking “Calculated Risks” are the ones with some huge opportunities and gains while having minimal low downside.

-4-Always Keep Seeking Opportunities:New Careers Can’t be given to you on a Plate,How to use Marketing,Networking to Get Better Job Opportunities.

The myth that Kills dreams,Opportunities and businesses:Do your Job,Create the Next Art masterpiece and someone will discover you!!While it might happens it won’t most likely happen to you, no one can automate chance neither the perfect timing and situations.Without carefully and consciously showcasing your skills,marketing it and always looking for alternative career positions and opportunities you won’t end up anywhere else.Your boss won’t discover you,no one will hand you the next promotion on a silver plate.Successful Entrepreneurs Knows it!!that without properly marketing your company or app! you will be crushed,that living it to the chance won’t work.Gather testimonials,Portfolios and keep networking ,seeking and Destroying the myth of {Being magically found}.

-5-Keeping a Sense of Energy:The Importance of Being pro-active Vs-Reactive.{Taking decisions on the Run}.

let’s Picture This:you own business or you are a part of a start-up where a major decision needs to be made,a creative solution has to be designed or elsewhere your team will be in a huge financial trouble,..In those Harsh tough times where Indecision insecurities and all bad scenarios cripple in and occupy the minds of the people around you .Would you take a quick decision,one with urgency but that solve the issue,bring your people home with rested minds and solve it all? i know while this is might sounds more like a sketch of a drama holywood Movie the reality is { it might happens}.No one is in control of circumstances,external facts,customer behaviors,trends ..That’s why the ability to lead,take urgent action and doing it right might be one of your main if not the most important skill you can acquire.Have a sense of energy,be pro-active don’t dwell on the negative and be prepared.This will make You a Super-Hero.And it’s up to you to pick up with one{Mine will be Batman} don’t ask me why keep reading.

-6-Beta-Career:How to keep approaching your Work and Career As an Unfinished Canva{Pivot,Grow.And Raise From Your Past Potential Ashes.}

We all at some point feel like we have learned it all,and that we reached the level we want with our career,or current jobs. Obviously this is not an invitation to start feeling bad about it,But i guess more a request to re-frame things differently.{Start approaching your career as a Beta Career} which means just as software companies do. An unfinished version or path that constantly need to be evaluated,re-designed and improved to better much your necessities,reality of Industries..You should always take opportunities where you have the privilege to learn and grow,change roles..If you stay too long in one spot you will lose it,and limit your future choices.Never get way too Comfortable it’s a Weird Trap!!

As Influence-rs,thought Leaders and Entrepreneurs you success is dependent on the amount of data,lessons and decisions you end up taking after interacting with your Environment.The best Creative People and Minds out there whether it’s in Social,Economical,Artistic fields are heretics who constantly evolve.This might seem like an exhausting endless process {Never resting and always relentlessly moving analyzing and re-framing situations} but here’s the good news you are emotionally and psychologically wired to do it.Our Survival instincts are well suited with detecting bad and threatening situations.You are a Survivor!! so why not use your guts,senses and skills to manage startups,Teams and finances to reach high objectives and deliver value to humanity.

-7-Network Outside Your Field:Your network is your Net-worth {By not Sticking to your Field you Expand your Horizon And Opportunities.

Charles Eames — ‘Eventually everything connects — people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se.

I couldn’t help but add this quote to my blog Post,this is one of the most influential quotes ever said for me and that’s for a reason.Great entrepreneurs know that networking skills is far more valuable than any other skill you can accumulate. At the end of the day it’s not about what you know but who you know. By always networking,going to events and workshops outside your Niche and field,not only you expand your horizon and opportunities but also you might end up furthering your knowledge about a subject that will later serve you as a unique skill or help you shape your unique value proposition.Don’t be way too dumb to play the solo game.Always form allies with people that are experts within their field,masters thought Provokers..

As Usual i hope you found the article helpful and entertaining,take this information and use it for your advantage to move ahead and Outshine your competitors.

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