We Are being Dishonest Kings.

It’s better to be an honest street sweeper than to be a dishonest king.”

- Bhagavad Gita

I can’t pin-point a specific moment where everything purely authentic dies inside you or when you decide to drop what makes you unique and the pursuit of just “Fitting in” or being socially acceptable.

When we are young most of us were told that we can achieve anything,that we are some unique Snowflakes,yet society treat us very differently on a daily basis.We are told to live for the moment,we are also taught to value the freedom of speech and respect each other’s individuality.

Yet in order to survive within our modern society,each one of us has to be following the social norms,doing what’s expected from you,not questioning the Status Quo.Basically living the life of a sheep.

In this Quest of Adaptability And survival we lose touch with our Inner Unique Voice.We put a mask of some sort,an identity that serves our financial goals,that allows us to be socially accepted,make friends..

I remember my teen years when i was a fellow Metalhead,searching the internet for some weird,cutting edge folk Metal band from “Chile” or something.Hanging around with friends and discussing some conspiracy theories stating that Courtney love is the one who killed Kurt Cobain,Dry our head long and have black finger nails,learn guitar scales and putting shows together..

I guess after hitting a depression in my early 20’s,loosing touch with my circle of friends and kind of growing up i guess, i gave up all of it at once, i mean it’s not that sad considering i managed to keep creating and channeling that creative side into other aspects of my life

But this is somehow leads to a deeper Question. Is it worth it to Give up yourself in search of some Custom,Persona or trades that are not inherent within you.

Such attitude’s so hindering to oneself,confidence and path in life,no wonder there’s such a high -rate of depression,people pursuing the wrong kind of things,approaches that eventually don’t lead to happiness…

We somehow have become so attuned to this coping out methods and putting on a Persona,that we consider people pursuing their Vocations and passion in life to be childish and somehow dumb.

We tune out of the conversation every-time someone talks about their private guitar lesson,or his interest in a new language,or how he used to collect Pokemon Cards when he was young..We are no longer interested nor attracted by Authenticity.

To find yourself, think for yourself. — Socrates

The thing is no matter how hard or good you are at pretending and coping out with these standards,one day your true authentic self will come out of it’s shell and it will be bloody painful.

Do you lay down at night thinking and wondering:

What if i have made that 8-bit game Application?

What if i kept restoring old painting and somehow turned it into a Business,working with museums,how would my life would be different?would i be truly Happy?

I don’t know about you but i don’t want to be spending my last days ,wondering about what would happen if i lived my life on my own terms.I better be living the results of my own wisdom,thoughts ,beliefs and decisions,then making it sort of speak and be depressed knowing i’have abandoned myself in order to please others.

Society somehow teach us to let go of our Geeky,unique side and turn more into a -copycat of some sort.Someone that isn’t troublesome,you pay your taxes ,do your job and don’t aspire to something else in life other than the”American Dream”or the purchase of some material objects.

Here’s a scenario i want you to picture What if everybody followed their instinct in life?

I bet we will have more than one “Steve Jobs”,Rodney Mullen and some 1000 Picasso like. in the spirit not the style.

I can’t keep myself from remembering some cliche Tweet,{Don’t grow up it’s a trap}

While i do enjoy growing up to some extent,the somehow maturity,wisdom and more in-depth perspective about life,less lost in my feelings and more in touch with my emotions.

I do in the same time wish we don’t have to go through the process of giving up on that Rebellious side,the creativity and the energy that comes of doing your own thing,regardless of trends,hypes and what the market suggest you do.

Most of my content,might be within the self-improvement and self-actualization theme and path,with that said one should not neglect self-acceptance and being ok in his own-shoes embracing one’s geekness ,preferences and how he feels about certain things.

Taste is behind How to do articles,life hacks and tips. It’s unique to you and your experiences so Own it.

If there’s one thing i want you to take from this Article,it’s to embrace your authentic self,to re-question society’s standards and what it made out of you,get in touch with your older ,kid like spirit and i ’m sure,only great things will comes out of this path,of self-reconnecting efforts.

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