Things wrong with the technology in Star Wars

I have :

3 things against the Death Star

  • It should have been destroyed right after blowing up Aldeeran. When Aldeeran was still there, the Death Star was like a moon. Now when you blow up a planet at spitting distance, where do you think all the debris will end up? The sheer power of the death ray, the sudden explosion and the storm of debris were more than capable of finishing the Death Star. It was simply too close to the target.
  • Assume that you are the engineer responsible for the construction of the Death Star II. You know you are building a super-weapon that destroys planets. And it can survive a brute force attack. The only thing that got the first one was a tiny opening wide enough for a small blast from a lucky shot to enter the core. That’s okay. It was the previous engineer’s fault. You will make this right. What do you do? You enlarge the only opening. You make it big enough for entire fighter teams to enter and shoot up stuff.
Death Star II and its royal road to destruction

Where is the ammo? When an oil drum catches fire it explodes. So when the Death Stars blow up why does it look like a mountain blown up by dynamite? Why weren’t the Rebels and possibly everything else gone in a cataclysmic explosion?

  • Why did they have to build the entire thing? I mean the only thing that matters is the gun. Why create the prisons and landing areas and the throne rooms and what not? It is a colossal waste of resources and speed. That money could have been spent on a more powerful design.

2 things against the Stormtroopers

The armor. What does it do? Is it just a sweater or something? It offers practically no opposition to firepower. Stormtroopers are killed just as easily as Rebel soldiers (who are wearing a shirt, a sleeveless jacket and the helmet of a construction worker). The projectiles here are so slow that you can see them moving. Even then, why can’t they upgrade their armor? Combat is literally the only purpose of their existence.

  • Why can’t the armor be useful as a weapon? It should be able to shoot or make a shield or something. Seriously. Anything. Something like Iron Man.

3 things against transport

  • Parsecs. It is a unit of distance. It is like saying, “I ran 2 miles in 5 kilometers. I am fastest rabbit alive.”
  • Nobody can catch you if you jump into hyperdrive. I get it that it is impossible to chase someone at lightspeed. But in an age where even a random smuggler and a Wookie can manage to jump into hyperspace, the Empire must do something about it. Why can’t they just devise a tracking mechanism or something?
  • Han Solo says it is standard procedure to dump garbage before making the jump. Uh no? It is the worst possible place to throw your garbage. Whenever a person crashes into your waste, he is going to do that at lightspeed.

1 thing against the AI

  • Why isn’t everything automated? They have hologram Skype. Why can’t ships have an AI that can drive the thing? Like Cortana from Halo maybe. AI would be greatly efficient in this case, even at an advisory position.

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