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I like that Medium calls these posts “Stories”

I guess this would be the beginning of my book, then.

A friend told me that there comes a point when you read that you, almost automatically must begin writing. I think I’ve crossed that threshold a long time ago.

I’ve wanted to be able to express myself, with depth, nuance, and deliberance (I doubt that’s a word). I want to do this, or learn to do this.

I also want this to be an exercise in consistency and discipline. I often write but rarely finish. I often think but rarely actualize. This tendency is one of the central impetuses for me forming this…blog..and also a possible cause for a premature end. We’ll see.

So here are a collection of my thoughts, my ideas, my beliefs, and anything else. As coherently as I can muster them and with the least amount of pomp.


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