My First LRB concert, a Dream comes true


I’ve been a fan of LRB since childhood, so much of my childhood happiness is attached to it i can’t describe. I still remember i had a Cassette player on which i used to listen their songs. Whenever i had an exam or something i used to hear their songs and go to the exam. It was always my “good luck Charm”

The concert was arranged by Grameenphone @Rajshahi as a gift for the GP star subscribers. Too bad, i was not a ‘Star’-so to speak. But i gave the message anyway to 9999 and as expected they wrote back “you are not Eligibe”.

But by some stroke of luck or miracle(if i may say), i got a message later that day at 6:02 pm that “You have to collect your ticket from counter x @XYZ”.

I’m on the leftmost position

I was happy beyond limit, but only to see that the last time to collect my ticket was 5 pm. I will not bore you with the boring details, but as you have known by know that i went to the concert and enjoyed it.

Some Words about LRB and Bacchu vai:

  • They never age. They often remind me of Iron Maiden, they also are kickin ass till now.
  • Their same old songs just keep getting better everytime.
  • Their music connects with people of all walks, even if you are musically deaf or if i may call “tone deaf”- you will like it. It connects with your primal self.
  • Bacchu vai is the best and most versatile guitarist and musician i’ve seen. So much have been said about this man recently but he just makes his music speak. Which is louder than all the noise that surrounds him.

I want to watch them again. May Allah give me another chance to see them, “over and over again”.

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