A friend is someone who knows about you and still loves you.
And you guys are that friend.

I think a lot, and most of the time I think about my fears; fear of making mistakes, fear of hurting you and fear of not being worthy enough to keep you. I am scared of not being the kind and supportive friend that you all deserve. I am not perfect, I am a total wreck and not everyone have the tolerance to deal with what bullsh*t I have in my life. I fear of you all getting tired.

Thank you for not giving up... on me until now.

I apologize for hurting you all in any way. I will give no excuses; it’s just me being too comfortable in your presence.

I’m sorry

for inflicting pain into your fragile existence.

I still don’t get why I deserve to have you all around me. I am just THIS person. I have nothing to give back, I am a lost soul, poor in dignity. Yet you stayed.

Thank you for not walking away.

There are no other words that could describe my love that I have for you all. But please know that whatever happens, I will always choose you over any other things, that my life has a less of a value than our friendship.

I love you... always and forever. ❤

-Rui 💟

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