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I recently participated in a roundtable discussion hosted by PR pro Ronjini Joshua of Silver Telegram in California. Joined by another industry colleague, we presented our thoughts on some fundamental questions Ronjini posed and then fielded a few questions from attendees as well. To read the recap on the Silver Telegram website, head here.

I will list a few more pointers that I shared on that discussion, from my experience as a freelance journalist, editor and writer, if it helps with your efforts.

In terms of the best way to get a product included in a gift guide:

This year is my 10th Thanksgiving holiday ever.

Ten years ago, I lived in India, and for a while before that, in Oman. No such thing there in those parts of the world called Thanksgiving.

The only Thanksgiving I knew about was what I read in books, saw on television shows or some of the movies maybe. It was always portrayed as a big table full of food, a happy family cooking together, feasting together, laughing, sharing stories and making memories. That is the picture in my head — the one that I came to America with.

The first five…

Tomorrow I head to Japan for the first time.

If you are a true lover of everything travel, you know the excitement that the very thought of a new land conjures.

Sleepless nights, anticipation, lots of reading on the local culture and norms, looking up maps and weather and transport and currencies.

Despite the fact that I could probably learn everything I want to about the different spots I will visit sitting right here in my living room…

Nothing quite compares to being in that place and time in person, and having that experience that only you can.

What I…

She returned home from work. Usually she’d be greeted by hellos from mom and siblings but today was different.

Felt the silence even before she knew why. Heard the thud of the door close behind her a little louder.

Mother, brother and sister were all glued to the television screen. There was an image that was difficult to understand at first but was horrendous nonetheless.

In a matter of seconds it all became clear. America. Twin Towers. Planes crashing in. Fire and smoke. People falling from windows. News presenters trying to figure out what was going on. Headlines in bold…

It bit me. That bug. The one they call travel.

Did not provoke it, did not hunt down its elusiveness, it just happened by.

Nothing prepares you for when it happens. That sting. No pain. Just this lifelong yearning after. A constant mesmerizing of the senses. It takes you all in. Escaping into it is but all you can muster.

Not a quest to strike out every country from the map on the wall. No pursuit to pin every city on the atlas. No goal to leave my mark on every continent. No list in no bucket.

Simply a sense…

Ruksana Hussain

Award-winning journalist, editor, writer, content creator: bylines on RuksanaWrites.com | Publisher of digital monthly magazine on TravelerandTourist.com

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