On a new adventure

Tomorrow I head to Japan for the first time.

If you are a true lover of everything travel, you know the excitement that the very thought of a new land conjures.

Sleepless nights, anticipation, lots of reading on the local culture and norms, looking up maps and weather and transport and currencies.

Despite the fact that I could probably learn everything I want to about the different spots I will visit sitting right here in my living room…

Nothing quite compares to being in that place and time in person, and having that experience that only you can.

What I takeaway from this will be different from everybody else, and that thrills me. That I will have an experience unique and all my own. In a land unknown. With people unknown. In a culture, language and social as well as geographical setting that I have never participated in before.

Such is the magic of travel, and to those who are privileged to experience yet, I am in awe. And those who have to travel yet, I wish you many travels in your days ahead.

Off to Japan it is tomorrow, with a heart full of eagerness to explore a new country, excitement to see a part of the world I have only admired thus far in magazines and on TV.

On a new adventure.