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Are you ready to choose a paint color for the walls of your home? Contrary to what some may have you believe, choosing the best color for your home requires a lot more than merely gathering samples at the paint store to take home and tape up on your walls. Several factors have an effect on the way a color looks in your home, and it’s possible for the same color to take on a different hue in each room.

Here are 5 tips to help you select the right paint color for the walls in any room in your home and avoid spending time and money that are put to better use elsewhere.

1. Take a Paint Sample

While looking at paint chips from the vast array available in the paint store may seem like a good idea, it takes a lot more than a tiny paper square to help you determine exactly how a paint color will look on your walls. Instead, opt for a sample container of paint to apply to your wall so you can really get a good idea of how it will look in your space. Even if you have to spend a few dollars on a sample this size, it’s money well spent when it prevents you from buying a gallon or more of a color that looks terrible.

2. Two Coats Are Better Than One

Many people take home paint samples and slap a little bit on one part of the wall, then make their decision based off of the result. In reality, most paints require at least two coats to achieve optimal coverage and color, so make sure you’re applying your sample the same way: in two solid, even coats.

3. Use Primer

Most types of indoor paint don’t require the use of a primer prior to applying the color on your walls. However, it’s important to double check any paint you’re considering and use primer prior to painting the sample color on your wall if necessary. Doing so allows you to see exactly how the color will look on your walls.

4. Paint More than a Small Patch

To help you better visualize the way a color looks in your space, consider painting patches on at least three walls in a room rather than just one. Not only will this help you see how the color will look in the room, but it will give you the opportunity to see how the light hits it and changes from wall to wall.

5. Lighting is Important

If you intend on changing out the light fixtures in a room, do it before choosing a paint color. You want to test the paint colors in the same light that will be permanently present, since the way the light casts from the fixture can directly impact the way the color looks in your space.

Save Time and Money

Save yourself from wasted time and money by making sure you choose the right paint color the first time. With these 5 simple tips and help from the Rules of Renovation, you can expect to do just that.

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Rules of Renovation is a real estate course that was co-founded by HGTV star Hilary Farr.

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