Is Wall-to-Wall Carpeting Back? | Rules of Renovation

When house shopping or taking on a home renovation, most people tend to look for a space with beautiful, authentic hardwood flooring. Hardwood floors can be quite pricey to install, but they’ve become so popular that there are now many exceptional faux versions to consider. Most home owners would be happy with a faux hardwood option, and even tile or laminate would be preferable to wall-to-wall carpeting.

But interior designers report an increase in demand for wall-to-wall carpeting that may be changing the tides back. After all, no one can argue with the overall comforts that carpet provides over hardwood. If wall-to-wall carpeting does make a comeback, homes that have it make see an increase in value and homeowners can save a great deal of money following the trend.

Aside from the savings and ultimate comfort, here are a few of the rules of renovation when it comes to wall-to-wall carpeting.

Energy efficiency

Most people will do anything to cut down on their energy bills, and wall-to-wall carpeting is a great way to do so. Carpet warms the home and is also much preferred to hardwood on chilly nights. It will keep your feet toastier and bring up the overall temperature of your household. You’ll be grateful for your carpet every time the heating bill arrives.

Safety for the family

Anyone who has dealt with little feet pattering around on hardwood floors knows how dangerous they can be with paired with slippery socks. Children, pets, elderly people and even adults will suffer a much more painful tumble if they fall on hardwood floor. Carpet provides better friction and a softer landing pad for the clumsy moments that are bound to happen at home.

Noise reduction

Hardwood floors and high ceilings are often a bad match when it comes to noise issues in the home. Even a house with lower ceilings can benefit from carpet to keep the noise levels down. The noise reduction will allow parents to watch TV worry-free while their kids are asleep, spouses to avoid waking one another with creaky floor boards in the night, or teenagers to play their music a bit louder after school. The increased privacy will undoubtedly be a win for everyone.

Increase in luxury options

Gone are the days where all carpet is created equal. Because carpet is a lower cost option, most people can afford to select a higher end style that will provide a more modern, chic look and ultimate comfort. Carpet comes in all kinds of textures, patterns, colors, and styles.

Home owners should consider the vibe of their space and the needs of their family when shopping for wall-to-wall carpet. (For example, if you have children you may want a speckled style or stain-resistant material to hide spills more easily.) And though wall-to-wall carpet is on the rise, there are some spaces that should most likely never be carpeted for sanitary reasons, like kitchens and bathrooms.

If you’re renovating or house shopping, take time to consider your flooring options. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised with the affordability, practicality, and variety of carpet options. Even if you don’t choose to carpet your house top to bottom, you may enjoy the benefits of carpeting a few rooms of the house in a few different styles.

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Rules of Renovation is a real estate course that was co-founded by HGTV star Hilary Farr.

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