FBI Surveillance: Day 12

National Lawyer’s Guild

I spoke with a fantastic attorney from the National Lawyer’s Guild.

I am suspicious of him, because all of my calls are being intercepted.

But he did give me some recommendations.

More importantly, he introduced some theories that I was not aware of.

While he doesn’t handle my type of case specifically, he was aware of similar cases.

He laughed when I said that it had to be the FBI, because the other agencies, such as Department of Homeland Security, NSA and the CIA don’t operate in U.S. soil.

It is possible that in addition to or in lieu of the FBI, the surveillance and cyber-harassment and punishment may involve far more dangerous and far more lawless agencies.

In which case, a civil remedy is not possible.

As I said to the attorney yesterday, how do I sue a spy who is not supposed to be operating on U.S. soil?