We are doing Medium wrong

-but don’t worry it’s okay we all did It. Now let’s fix that, it’s easy as pie.

So the first thing you did (just like me) when signing in under the Medium banner, was to pick some subjects that you were interested in.

Well, that was your first mistake!

Don’t worry I did the same. Now let me tell you why I think we did it wrong.

Most of the stuff you read on Medium seems to be fairly short and easy to understand. Which means you level of knowledge on the given subject/interest is higher than what you read. Then when reading the articles you start thinking: Oh gee come on. Everybody knows this!?

So you start to dodge most of the serious stuff on Medium and focus on the lightweight and funny stuff (like this article). Because you can always use some cheerful and funny thoughts, and smiling happy people are always better than grumpy clever douchebags (which the internet is full of).

And that’s your second mistake!

But don’t worry because there is a easy fix, and it doesn’t involve yoga or other kind of psychical pain, and I won’t magically transform you into a grumpy internet douche.

So here we go…

What you need to do in order to get that magical spark back into Medium is to pick new interest. But wait, there’s is a catch. It needs to be Interest that you know nothing about. Out with the old in with the new.

Then all those lightweight article will seem like rocket science and we all love rockets. Am I right kids?

Personally I have picked the great outdoors as one of my interest and truth be told I freaking hate nature. But it’s all good. Now I know, that a study from the 80’s, showed patients recovered from abdominal surgeries faster if they were to get a hospital room that faced trees. Guess who will call shotgun on that tree facing room when recovering from surgery next time and all you Muggles (yeah I also joined the Harry Potter group even though I also hate Harry Potter. BTW why aren’t they call Mugglars when there are more of them? Like burglar and burglars?) will be stuck in the losers room.

Thank you for listening.

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