I had the incredible privilege and pleasure of spending this last week in the Windy city. As part of the 9th Global Diplomacy Lab, we spent four days working in partnership with a number of Chicago area community partners to help generate some new ideas on tackling the intractable challenge of urban youth violence.

Chicago blew me away (of course it did! #windycity). But I was incredibly moved and impressed by the local agencies and youth participants who joined us to help this global network understand a number of complex dimensions that attribute to the these issues. I loved learning…

Since late August, I’ve been pitching in on the Jennifer Keesmaat mayoral campaign. I’ve been a long-time supporter of smart people, especially women, stepping up to serve in our democratic institutions. Keesmaat comes with formidable professional credentials having served in Toronto’s bureaucracy as the chief planner. She has always impressed me with her interest in innovation, civic engagement and getting our city working better. Keesmaat was a surprise late entrant into this race, for many, there was a sigh of relief — at last, someone to go up against John Tory and challenge him on his four years in office.

This month, White Ribbon announced that it would be merging its social enterprise, Parker P. Consulting, within White Ribbon’s activities.

A year ago, my terrific boss and dear friend, Todd Minerson announced that he would be stepping away from his dual role as Executive Director/CEO of White Ribbon (and its fledgling social enterprise, Parker P. Consulting). I had been with the White Ribbon family for about a year, working alongside Todd and his incredible team. And, with this departure, we braced ourselves for some big changes. Todd had been at the helm for a dozen years. He had shepherded…

Chi Nguyen

lifetime feminist/committed keener/political junkie working hard to do good. proud momma. butter addict. heel-wearing cyclist. views are my own.

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