The image that Team 1 was shown, was a photograph of people protesting against the police because of the Michael Brown shooting. The Michael Brown shooting has blown up because it showed another case in our country of an unarmed African American man wrongfully killed, in this case by a Caucasian man. Two friends were walking home, and a police officer pulled them over and confronted them. Long story short, one of the bows ended up getting shot and dying. There are two sides to this story, one from the police officer, and one from the victims friend. One version was from the officer which indicated that Michael Brown was taunting him and provoked it. Another version was from his friend (Dorian Johnson) indicating that the officer just pulled his gun out and started shooting. Due to this incident there have been interviews with the victims mother, and protest from the African American community. This link shows photos from protests Michael Brown Protest Photos .

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