Drinking From a Salt Pond

Jan 28, 2016 · 12 min read

Following a lengthy year of touring in 2014, Run River North was at a breaking point.

That was just me ignoring real issues beneath the surface.

Troubadour, late 2014

I was just looking for more reasons to validate my wanting not to be friends with Daniel and making Joe’s and Sally’s frustrations with him the final excuse to push him out of the band.

I decided to put all of this frustration unfairly on my broken friendship with Daniel.

It was pretty fucking awkward.

I was absolutely crushed. Every part of me wanted to storm out of the room, but I thought it was important to keep my ass in that chair.

I was pissed that the rest of the band was not fighting for me, that they were totally okay with the way this was going down. It was overwhelming.

but I wish I could just do that once and never have to see him again.

“Say what you want, call it what you will. Follow the herd or swallow the pill”

You sound absurd even if youre right. Take your step back from me..

Don’t wanna hear another word from you. Hold your breath, I’ll hold mine too

The room froze, everyone looking down at their feet as we listened.

The new batch of songs was a turning point for me.

I don’t discredit the turmoil and hardship we went through. This album would not exist without it.

“The good life is built with good relationships”.

Thanks to Jacob Kim


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Pre-order “Drinking From A Salt Pond” on @iTunes now! www.runrivernorth.com

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