Long Run Complete-22 Miles

October 17, 2015–22 Miles

I awoke feeling exhausted. Felt if I was getting sick. My body felt like complete disaster literally. But I knew today was a long run so I had to get with it and get out of bed. Well coffee helped a great deal and I took two Advil’s as I thought I had a bit of a fever. Woke up my husband at around 6 am and told him I felt terrible. I guess he doesn’t even listen to me anymore. Because even if he told me to stay home I wouldn’t listen. He was like go kick ass. I was out of the house by 7am. Once outside I felt like everything shifted. I felt just fine. Made it a priority for this run to start off slow. No need for speed. Take it as it comes. Let the pace ride on its own. Left my Garmin at home. I had my Apps to tell me my distance and pace. I also just wanted to enjoy this run as it was my longest since Chicago last week. My team run was canceled so it was me, myself and I for the next few hours. Well that is what I thought. Did not have a set plan to where I was headed. I actually told my husband to contact me about 9:30am to tell him where I was. I was headed for the George Washington Bridge after leaving Central Park. But decided to go down to the Statue of Liberty which what I was used to. No surprises and flat. By Mile 4 I felt just fine. Not feeling any tiredness. I just listened and enjoyed the great music I had going on my Pandora App. At Mile 6 all of a sudden I look to my left and see a face I know. Such a beautiful soul she is herself preparing for the NYC Marathon. I double took for a moment and I was like it’s you. We gave each other a big hug. It was wonderful to have someone to run with. She is not even from the city but from Long Island. What a pleasure it was to have good conversation with someone that can actually run with you. I took her towards my direction. The sky was clear. Such a beautiful, bright and crisp morning. As we got closer to the Statue of Liberty her flame was still going bright. We stopped to stretch for a moment so I could intake my gel and then we headed back uptown. With Ms. Giselle it was just a pleasurable run. Once we hit about the 70’s which I then looked at my app and saw that it said 17 miles I was like OMG already. I felt great. We stopped to grab someone to take a photograph of us. Cheese.

She headed back downtown as she had a planned 15. We gave each other big hugs and we were off on our separate ways. Just love the people I am meeting through all of my running. Just a great community. As I’m passing Mile 17.5 I hear another voice Elaine say. “Roni”, I look and wave and run to her to give a big hug. She asks, “How was Chicago.” I was like wonderful. She said look at you you look great. It just makes you feel so good. I continue. A few words that Giselle told me when we were running together was, “You are an inspiration.” Wow this is why I do what I do! Just those words alone kept me going. You feel and obligation to continue. Not only for my charitable cause but as others watch you through this journey which is not at all easy with a 14 month old at home. But it all can be done. At about Mile 18. I realized my husband had called me to see if I was okay so I texted him to tell him I would be home within 45 mins. By Mile 18.5 I was headed east. It’s always an amazing feeling knowing you are almost done. When my almost 22 miles completed I was blown away of my capability. The human body adapts what it is trained for. It is an invigorating feeling. I went home screaming. Well of joy of course! Woohoo! Then you hear my son coping my sounds. His dad is like mom’s happy. My husband then turns to me from the kitchen. Dame girl you can run! I look back! “Oh yes I can!” I’m just happy. Feeling tired at this moment. But it takes a few hours for it to hit. Well for me anyway! Overall after Marathon and almost 60 miles with one day to go. I’ve done darn good! Hope your runs are going well. Let me know how your training is going! For the rest of the day I shall be lazy, I promise!

Originally published at runronirun.com on October 17, 2015.

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