Ultra Addiction

November 29, 2016–7 miles

Just cutting it straight to the point. My running has now become even more important than before. I can not stop thinking about my next challenge. I can not wait to the start of hard training all over again the top of January and all it has to bring. Is it just me? Junkie for adrenaline. The challenge. So be it! I love it! It continues to move me forward and it just makes me smile that more and more I know I am more than ever more capable of doing so. If you would of told me almost 6 years ago that in 2015 almost 2016. That life would be so much simpler for me. I would of said you are nuts. I went from a California girl in her platform shoes which I would never took off. To a girl who loves her workout clothes and sneakers. “Bull shit,” I would of said. To see this girl hit the trails now and to see whom I was before. Very much the same girl but the confidence of getting dirty is way more different now. No more fake nails just the boobs which don’t deprive me of my trail running of course as I run the distance and that is what matters. Life can be so confusing when your not sure of your direction. But once figured out. You just go and go and go with it. It just fifteen months since I had a baby, done my coaching certification, ran a marathon and what a 50 miler with a toddler in his prime. You tell me! It is passion! I used to be the one to tell others of where I saw there life path and never really saw mine really. Of course I did what I somewhat loved. But you ask me now. I sure have an answer. Since having baby I feel I did not have a moment to just take it all in. From the day I got home with a c-section hub was out to work. I had family but I did not bother. Just me, me, me. At 5 weeks I was already training not by running of course still some time to heal but workouts at home to build my stamina. By babies 6 month that is when I had the confidence to begin everything together as he was now at a proper age to which my running was possible with the baby jogger. From there it is history. Just looking at it now. Less than 10 months it took me to accomplish what I have now. I am a mom first and foremost but it has not stopped me from my passion. In 2013 was when I realized there was some potential in this field of running for me. But as I got pregnant things started taking me into a different direction well toward my creative side. My home staging, but once running became frequent that went right out the door. Still a great passion which I can always do. But my running is my now as I am not getting any younger and there are still things I want to prove to myself anyway. As with my own family. Well sibling and there of. They have no clues about ultra running. Really if your not in the ultra world no one really does. We are a small passionate community. We run miles not on pavement but in nature. We risk ourselves from injury everyday. It takes us away from this hectic world to give us a sense of peace. It is not a marathon of course but beyond the hurt anyone could ever imagine. We are capable if we want to go to the other side as I call it of “crazy”. And take that risk. I didn’t really know what an ultra was once I started. I just saw 60k okay I will try it and learned how to train and soon after made me hungry to know more of what was out there in this world. After Saturday’s 50 miler I now see may running so different. It has always been serenity but there is something s little different I yet can’t explain. It something I wish I could share with everyone because it is so different for all of us. The first night of sleep after the ultra my heart rate was up I could still feel myself creeping over the rocks, seeing my ankles turning, everything was still so real. But that is Ultra Running! The more your seek the more your want to know. I may be addicted but I realize for me it is good. It gives me more confidence in knowing who I am. I may look to girly to many on a regular day. But when I put on my sneakers and hit a pavement or trail there is pure focus. That is all I ever wanted and I have found why I love. My focus! As the holiday’s come to there height this month all I really want is a new Garmin, Zensah compression socks, Injinji toe socks, Nuun hydration products and my gels GU Energy, Hammer Nutrition. My family may ask what is that and why? Cause 2016 is going to be a fun and crazy ride! Whose joining me. I will take you with me! Happy Sunday Everyone!

Originally published at runronirun.com on November 29, 2015.

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