Up And Running!

April 19, 2016–11 miles for Monday and Tuesday

As I awoke this morning I am so grateful that I am back. My training the last two days has gone so well. Better than expected. I am suppose to be tapering but with the 5 days taken off. Why not get myself back on track and get my confidence back. 22 miles to be exact in the last two days. I’m not complaining and I still have busy day ahead and feeling good. Two thumbs up! I have been concentrating of hill repeats, tempo runs, and strides. Trust me in ultra training you are looking to control you speed and play it smart on those trails. But with training it is good to throw in those tempo runs so you will move farther. You want to keep you body not knowing what to expect. So the burst of speed is quite good. My hill repeats surprisingly are going very well and strong. I would go up the hills at about a 7:50–8 pace then I would come down at about a 9. I kept it going for a while and I only started getting better. When I took those 5 days off I assumed my body would kind of forget. But when you have trained weeks like this. Trust me you don’t. Even as a coach I can be hard on myself on my training. But I’m pleased to say I got right back on it. Yesterday my hill repeat where right here in the NYC on the Harlem hill. You go up and then you go down. You do that a few times and you may love it or dried it. Luckily I was very refreshed and so happy to just go get them done. I did about 5 miles on them and then from there I just took my run in a steady pace. Today the same but at the East River. Found a hill that was perfect for speed and went for it for about a mile. I felt so strong. My knee does not hurt but eternally as the injury is healing and now it is so itchy. Yesterday my husband finally took a good glance at it and says to me, “You look battered and bruise.” I look at him your now realizing it. “Ge’ez!” That is hub. For my today I was not sure how I would feel after my completed run as yesterday I was just fine and still had a full day. Today will be the same but what helps I have been able to sleep as baby has been sleeping until 6am and a little easier on me at night. Of course every day is different. But so far it is working for me. So pleased with my last few days of my comeback. Just the realization that everything is so close is so very exciting. May my training continue well. I guess my injury happened for the rest. Trust me the rest was real good. I feel strong. Happy Tuesday!

Originally published at runronirun.com on April 19, 2016.

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