Why Don’t You Join Me?

March 16, 2016–11 Miles

The fact is yet again this Sunday the 20th of March, I will be racing the United NYC Half Marathon. I would love to welcome you out if in the NYC area to give me a cheer in my hometown and on the streets of NYC in honor of my charity s which concludes at the South Street Seaport. How fun is that! For you to actually see what I do and meet my family would be a pleasure. Just come up and say hi. I don’t bite! Well I think I don’t. Well maybe sometimes. Today’s training was honestly just time on my feet. Saying to myself to take this race seriously as I yet again would love to PR for my half marathon. My husband just looks at me and says, “Can’t you just enjoy it!” I look at him, “I got something to prove!” He turns around, “figures.” He actually has taken the day off to enjoy it with me. So that in itself will be a lot of fun we need the family time together as he missed the LA Marathon as he had to be in New York. My knee right now is a hit or miss. No pain! But the fact is when I hit a certain amount of mileage it hurts. Well I decided for myself this week on my training program that I will cut out my longest run for Saturday and just take it off and just enjoy the family and EXPO in the afternoon. Friday, I would possibly do a 13–15miler. But I will not push it as I want my legs for Sunday. That is why it is called racing. It always seems as I have said before in previous diary entries that a Marathon and Half Marathon are much harder as they are shorter distances and you want to beat time. Ultra’s you run to get to the other side. Of course hard but entire different dynamic. More pressure to me on the shorter runs. But I must save my knee as I have tons of running to do. The weather was sensational this morning. This NYC weather is Bi-Polar literally. No pun intended but true. I completely dressed to warm. By mile 3 I was dying. When you see sweat dripping down my face you know I am overdressed. I had to literally stop and peel some layers off. Once I did that I could breathe again. I hate that feeling of being overly hot. For this Sunday the weather should be high 30’s mid 40’s. That is pretty cool. Dressing will be interesting for that morning as I love wearing shorts to compete. Well competing with myself anyway..ha, ha! Today I tried to work on my strides as I have felt myself pulling back with the knee. As I ran yesterday with the team in Track and Field I had forgotten to put my knee brace on and that was a no no. The knee right now depends on it. Even with the KTTAPE on which helps a ton. Trust me doing everything for this baby. This is my lively hood. Don’t want to screw it up! My first 2 miles were a warm up. Then my speed in itself began to pick up on its own. Its amazing how the body adapts to the speed and then the miles will continue in that manner. The best part of this is in racing. I would say even though I did not PR in LA. My pace stayed in the low 8’s most of the race. For me my detriment was being in Corral of hell who knows where back there somewhere. That screwed me up!. Ugh! That was annoying in itself just getting out of the pack. But I learned my lesson and luckily did not burn myself out in the end. Which I flew in the last few miles. I was so proud of that in my race. For this one I will have to be quite smart! Racing is so fun for me. It is such a high with no drugs included. I finished off feeling great today. 11 miler complete which should of only been a 9 miler and I came home with a goody for me. Love my little meditations spots at home and could not come home without this one.

Buddha was smiling at me. Take me home mama. The rest of my week will include the miles but less push as I need that push and kick for Sunday and also want to savor my knee. It is quite good now. Thank you all for you support and if you would like to donate to my cause for this race and all others. Check out my Go Fund Me Page! Best wishes and blessings…

Originally published at runronirun.com on March 16, 2016.

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