Attack of the Misguided Nazis and Their White Feminist Enablers
Anthony James Williams

After reading your article, I sat and processed what you said for a long time. I feel you describe some white women but not all white women. Broad labels can no more be attributed to “white women” than they can be to any other group of people. We also are all individuals with our own levels of awareness to the injustices in our country. I try very hard to see my privilege over others and then fight for them. I am very aware that I have an easier life when compared to any other race of women. I realize I may only get 78 cents to every man’s dollar but my black co-worker only gets 66 cents and my Hispanic coworker only 56 cents. But all we hear about is my 78 cents. None of that is ok.

I guess my point is this — there are so many women fighting for all women and some of us happen to be white. We may be fighting misguidedly or not quite the way you wish we were but we’re trying. I also believe many of us are very open to finding out how to fight better for everyone.

I am as baffled as you are as to why the majority of white women voted for Trump. I shake my head every day over that one. All I can guess is they have been brainwashed by our white, male centric culture. Maybe they honestly believe that white men know what’s best for everybody. I have no idea. I can’t even pretend to understand those women.

But we’re not all those women. The women marching are not those women. I’m scared that the small gains we made under Obama (oh, how I miss him) are disappearing faster than we can blink an eye. We’re rolling backwards so fast I’m dizzy from the whiplash. And if I feel that way, I can only imagine the absolute terror other minority groups are feeling.

Please tell me and other white women how we can better help everyone. There are a lot of us listening.

I appreciate that you wrote this article. My only real disagreement is that I was happy that Spencer got clocked. I know he’s now a “poor victim” in the eyes of many but, DAMN, watching that felt so good to my soul.

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