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Jan 22, 2015 · 8 min read

There are many reasons why we want to run.
Wether we like to look and feel better, live more healthy, become more confident, or want to challenge or prove ourself, taking that first step is a whole different story.

People that got me started
I think that inspiration in one way or another is always the reason to take the first step and also to stay motivated.
It can be a friend, family or someone like Usain Bolt that inspires us to start running or even to run a Marathon.

The first people in my life that inspired me to run were my parents.
They joined a running club when they were in their sixties. My mother is 82 now and still runs 2 times a week!

I started in 2009 with a step by step course on my mp3 player and for a few years I ran just once in a while and never more than 5K.
April 2013 I decided to train for the Amsterdam Marathon because my boyfriend and Ultra runner inspired me to.

What I like about running
The benefits of running are countless.
What I really enjoy is the freedom to run where and whenever I want, feeling alive, living consciously and just being in the moment. The joy of being outdoors, exploring the world, while getting to know myself a little better every day and surprise myself with what I’m capable of. That is what makes me lace up my shoes every time again.

Trial and error
Between my very first run in 2009 and finishing my first marathon in 2013 I got injured a few times.
My first Marathon I hit the wall…
But I contributed the race to my father, who died of cancer, and to other people who fight for their life.
That made me want to finish, no matter how.
So I did, with help of the audience and with mental support of my boyfriend, who ran with me.

With guidance of my boyfriend and by trying different exercises, techniques, new shoes and many hours of training, I learned how to improve gradually and enjoyed running more and more.
By reading and practicing a lot I learned how to listen better to my body and how to recover from an Achilles Tendon injury and runner’s knee just by myself.

My running goals
After my first Marathon I discovered a whole new world of running varieties.
I didn’t know there were so many runs and races all over the world. From a 5K Color Run to the most challenging Ultra Marathon Race of 3100 mile.
So far I only ran Marathons in the Netherlands but my bigger goal is to run on Top of the World in the Happiest Country on Earth: Bhutan.


In 2014 I ran 2 Marathons (without hitting the wall:-) and my first Ultra training of 51K, which I really loved.
In 2015 I focused on running more efficiently and improving my finish time. My biggest goal was to run a Marathon under 4 hours with fun and injury free, which I managed to do (3:56).
It motivated me to keep improving and run my first 100K in 2016, of which I completed 90K:-)

For 2017 I set the following goals:
Like every year, my overall goal is to run with fun and injury free.
I wanna travel more and run adventurous races.
My biggest goal for the year is to complete a 100 miler under 24 hours:

  • Stevensloop Half Marathon in Nijmegen (Netherlands) on March 19, 13.1 miles/21.1K. Goal: finish and run with fun.
    YEP, done it. Took it slow. Just a training, while catching up with my running buddy.
  • Conquer the Wall Marathon on May 13 in Beijing, China! My first adventure race! Goal: complete marathon distance.
    Ran, fell on my knee and completed 33K in 9,5 hours because of cut-off time! The experience of a lifetime! But too many stairs:-)
  • Den Haag (Netherlands) 9 hours solo in on June 17. Goal: 80K
    Completed 76K. Very happy with result, as preparation time after Conquer the Wall Marathon was a bit short, and this kind of race takes a totally different kind of training. Was the only female participant:-( so I won:-)
  • RUN Winschoten (Netherlands) 100K on September 7. Goal < 12 hours.
  • Javelina Jundred (Phoenix, Arizona, USA) 100 mile on October 28. Goal <24 hours.

I ran the following races in 2016:

  • CPC Loop Half Marathon in Den Haag (Netherlands) on March 6, 13.1 miles/21.1K. Goal: improve my finish time.
    Originally I aimed for 1:30.
    Then I realized I made a calculation mistake and that 1:45 was more realistic, though still challenging.
    Guess what: I did exactly that! Progress of 20 minutes compared to last year:-)
  • Stevensloop Half Marathon in Nijmegen (Netherlands) on March 13, 13.1 miles/21.1K. Goal: finish and run with fun.
    YEP, done it. Took it slow, just 1 week after the CPC.
    Satisfied with my 1:54, even though a painful knee forced me to a positive split.
  • Roads to Rhodes Marathon (Greece) in April 26.2 miles/42.2K. Goal: improve my Marathon time; aim for 3:30.
    YEP, finished the race but in a very slow pace, because of the painful knee and stomach issues. Here’s the race report.
    (The physio therapist fixed it a week later with just one quick move…)
  • Ultrarun Steenbergen (Netherlands) 6 hours solo in May. Goal: 60K.
    YEP, finished the race with a new PR of 55K.
    Happy although I didn’t reach my goal. Here’s why:-)
  • Den Haag (Netherlands) 9 hours solo in June. Goal: 75K
    YEP, fnished first! Was thrilled with my 74.062K despite stomach trouble during the first half of the race and the rainy windy weather.
  • Boxmeerdaagse (Netherlands) in July. Goal: run 4 ultra trails in 1 week
    Ran and completed 2 of them; skipped the other 2 because of lack of time of my running mate. Enjoyed both runs a lot!
    Trained the other hours on my own to get ready for Winschoten.
  • RUN Winschoten (Netherlands) 100K in September. Goal < 12 hours.
    It took me 11:19:03 hours to finish 90K and I couldn’t start the last lap because of the cut-off time.
    My first 100K resulted in my first DNF (Did Not Finish), but very pleased and proud nevertheless.

I keep track of my progress on Garmin where you can follow my results, if you like:-)
Before november 2014 I kept track of my results via Daily Mile.

I ran the following races in 2015:

  • CPC Loop Half Marathon in Den Haag in March 13.1 miles/21.1K.
    YEP, Done it! My first Half Marathon
  • Leiden Marathon in May 26.2 miles/42.2K
    YEP, Done it! PR! 4:19
  • Amersfoort Marathon in June 10K
    YEP, Done it! PR!
  • Den Haag 6 hours solo in June. Goal: 50–55K
    YEP, Done it! PR! I ran 54K and won the 2nd place:-)
  • Boxmeerdaagse in August. Goal: run 2 trails of 42.6 and 48K in 1 week
    YEP, Done it! PR: 2 ultra’s (46.6 and 49.9K) in 1 week
  • Eindhoven Marathon in October 26.2 miles/42.2K. Goal: < 4hours
  • ZevenHeuvelenloop in Nijmegen in November 15K
    YEP, Done it! PR (was my first 15K race:-)
  • Bruggenloop in Rotterdam in December 15K
    NOPE, I was too late to register and couldn’t find another race that matched my schedule.

What I do to run with fun
It demands commitment and consistency to enjoy running injury free and see improvements.
That means running 3–5 times a week in combination with some stability and strength training, foam rolling, stretching and relaxing. It also involves eating and drinking healthy and consciously.

This year I’ll stick to my habit to eat as natural as possible: unprocessed food, no unnatural sugars, no gels.
Originally I planned to drink no alcohol for 365 days. I adjusted that plan a bit and just go with the flow after a race or when on a holiday. I really like it though to drink not at all during weeks of training.
On average I drink 2 coffee’s a day plus ca 3l water per day and herbal tea.
I enjoy fruit, vegetables, legumes, fish and eggs. I don’t care much for meat and poultry and eat it less than once a week.
I eat a bit of yogurt and oatmeal and sweet potatoes before a harder training and races.

I read the ChiRunning book of Danny Dreyer regularly to keep improving my Running Techniques.
I started practicing Phil Maffetone’s 180-Formula to run more smart and aerobic.

My gear
I like to run “light”, without devices, apart from the Garmin Forerunner 610 to keep track of my training results.
DCRainmaker is a source I always check if I’m looking for new gear.

To see my improvements and set backs I use visual tools that I also will introduce soon on

Since 2013 I run on Nike Free shoes. With my first pair Nike Free 5.0 I ran my first 3 Marathons.
I used Nike Free 3.0 since 2015 for shorter distances and daily use, and in 2016 I ran on the Hoka Clifton in ultra marathons.

Now I train on Merrel Master Move Glide Trail running shoes and Altra-Superior 3.0 Trail running shoes.

My reasons to run. What's on your bucket list for 2015? What are your reasons to run?
My reasons to run. What's on your bucket list for 2015? What are your reasons to run?
Happy with my Nike Free 3.0

That thought always keeps me going.
The question is not OR you can do it but HOW you can do it.

Make it happen!
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Happy Running!

Originally published at Running Your Life.

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