The 17 unusual Pizzas you should try in South Mumbai

Love ends but pizza is eternal. Just one bite into these divinely beautiful triangles and all your wishes can come true. Don’t believe me? I don’t blame you. It is hard to believe that the symbol of fast food and the brand icon for all the lazy people around the world could actually have any health benefits at all.

Pizzas actually reduce your risk of getting cancer. No kidding. Studies have found that people who eat pizzas at least twice a week were 59% less likely to develop cancer of the esophagus, 34% less likely to develop throat cancer and cut their chances of getting colon cancer by 26%. That’s a big win for you, if you, like me, have sworn an oath of undying love for pizza.

Well now that you have the numbers to throw at anyone who comes between you and your pizza, let’s dig in. Shall we?

If you’re a pizza lover and you’re slightly fed-up of the usual cheese burst and mexican flavours thrown at you, South Mumbai is probably the mecca of Pizzas that you’ve been looking for. Here are are few truly unusual pizzas found in south Mumbai.

How many have you tried?

Follow the Fun Food Chart to Know What to Order

For the Health Conscious and the ones going Vegan

Since we are already on the topic of how pizzas are healthy, few places in South Mumbai have pushed the boundaries even further, making Pizzas more attractive to the gym-going, yoga enthusiasts who really miss their pizzas.

Juno’s Pizza has come up with what they call a “Workout Pizza”. True to its name, it’s a no-cheese pizza made with a whole-wheat base that comes with two free toppings!

Going vegan is getting increasingly popular amongst people. Especially if you are adopting the paleo diet, which is a great option for you if you want to lose weight. However, it seriously limits your options when you eat out. Not with Pizza, however. Mumbai has several restaurants making vegan pizzas. Order from Tastee and Cafe Free India and try pizzas called Buddha’s delight Jain Pizza and Jain pizza that have no onions or garlic and have customisable vegetable toppings. If you’re looking for something more interesting, you could also go for the Lazeez-e-Soyabean pizza from Laziz Pizza.

Follow the Fun Food Chart to know What to Order

It’s the Weekend, let’s get adventurous

There’s always that weekend when you really want to try something different, but you need some familiar territory to not completely regret it.

For all the adventurous vegetarian types out there, try the Forest Mushroom Pizza from Chilli Flakes. It’s got wild mushrooms, buffalo milk mozzarella and fresh basil, all cooked in White Winter Truffle oil and a special tomato sauce. MMmm! If that doesn’t sound nearly as adventurous as you’d like it, there’s always the Barbeque Paneer Pizza. Who knew you could get barbecued char-grilled paneer on a pizza? Sure sounds like a backup plan in case that late evening barque doesn’t turn out as expected. *wink*

Oh wait, are you non-veg or both? There’s something equally exciting in the menu for you as well. Have you ever tried Seafood Pizzas? Cafe Free India has two options for seafood pizzas with fish chunks, sea prawns and squid! Sounds refreshingly different doesn’t it? If you do enjoy seafood pizza, you might also consider The Urban Pantry for their extremely special Stir-fried Prawn Pizza.

“Just Give Me Cheese Please!”

It’s no news that most pizza lovers are really in it for the cheese. So if you love a pure mozzarella pizza and are just waiting for the world to invent something cheesier, you’re in luck. Try the Quatro Framaggio Pizza at Chilli Flakes. Like the name suggests, this Pizza is dripping in Four kinds of delicious cheese — Fontal cheese, Goat cheese, Blue cheese and Buffalo Milk Mozzarella cheese. It has a touch of basil and some tomato sauce for that extra tinge!

Pizza v/s desi khana and other confusions

This should really seal the deal with anyone in the group who is anti-italian food and would rather go for some Shawarmas or Chinese instead.

For the desi ones in the group, here’s an easy way to convert them into being pizza eaters. Order in from Chilli Flakes for a Bombay Masala Chicken Pizza or find a vegetarian option of the same at Cafe Free India. If that isn’t desi enough, there’s always Pav Bhaji Pizza from Metro Tawa. For the Punjabi food cravings, go for the Laziz-e-Butter Chicken Pizza from Laziz Pizza. Sounds melt-in-your-mouth doesn’t it?

Chinese food and Shawarmas are strong contenders in the game, when you’re about to pick what you want to order. Here’s a diplomatic solution. Say hello to Shwarma Pizza and Schezwan Pizza (ta-da!) which have options in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian categories at the popular food joint, Shahi Hai Shawarma.

We really hope you have fun trying out these really fun pizzas. Do let us know which one you tried and how you liked the food in the comments below!

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