Being a Couplepreneur!

I just realised that I haven’t written about my better half for most of this half year. So I have decided to dedicate this post completely to him. It might be a long one, I am in one of those praise-worthy moods.

When I married Mohit 8 years back, he had just started his first entrepreneurial venture. He told me on our wedding night that he didn’t earn a single rupee. He wasn’t lying. He was a new generation entrepreneur with a completely new business idea and lots to do. He promised me a lot. A happy life, a fancy car and a foreign trip each year. Within six months he had started living his promise. He had started living his dream of being his own boss and being an entrepreneur.

He along with his very competent partners/friends successfully did what we all know with his education venture. The trail of promises continued. He promised to be on the cover of ‘TIME Magazine. Then he lowered the bar a little and settled with any magazine. He almost delivered that with a mention in Rashmi Bansal’s Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.

Now it seems that he took that book title to heart. After having fun in the gaming industry for more than an year, he is bitten by the entrepreneurial bug again. Despite the skepticism of parents and elders, I trust him completely. He has promised again. I know he will fulfil them. AGAIN.

Some of the things that he is dreaming of include forming the largest network of professional cleaning service in India with KLEENR. Other things on the plate include a gifting website called INDIA-GIFT. The plate is full with more inroads in the e-commerce market. Details later!

Though I know the doubts and fingers raised against him leaving a cushioned job are many, but so are his promises. Sometimes self-raised doubts at doing this alone. But he says, he is bullish on everything he is doing. I am bullish, confident and truly convinced about everything that he is dreaming of. After all, some day we have to read that article in ‘TIME’.

Amen to that and cheers to happy and prosperous times!
Seeking blessings and love!

It feels fantastic to venture as a couplepreneur and try our hand at working our businesses out together. Hope we do justice to everything we do!



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