Currently, we are trying to do OTC sale for Rupee. OTC sale funds will be used for marketing, and exchange listing.

There is going to be no code changes in Rupee at this moment. We want to keep it POS and Masternodes.

We are trying to find vendors for Rupee, response looks slow in that avenue, Hopefully as crypto bounce backs, things will be fine.

Current vendors, and updates will be updated on Rupee website.

Greetings Rupsters,

There’s been incredible forward movement throughout November. We fell a little short in some areas, but more than made up for it in others…


As we all know, Bitcoin took a heavy plunge, dragging nearly every alt coin down with it…

Hello Fellow Rupsters

Welcome back with another blog update. Today we are going to discuss several different topics, from market performance to upcoming and new developments on the blockchain platform, and our new team additions.


Let’s be clear, 2017 will be remembered as the year cryptocurrencies…

Rupee Team

Decentralized cryptocurrency for India, South Asia and the World.

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