Rupee Update Dec. 1, 2018

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Greetings Rupsters,

There’s been incredible forward movement throughout November. We fell a little short in some areas, but more than made up for it in others…


As we all know, Bitcoin took a heavy plunge, dragging nearly every alt coin down with it. During the last 9 years or so of BTC’s existence, time has shown the repeat patterns of extreme recovery after significant lows. Fear not and prepare my friends.

Rupee has been floating around the same BTC value for the past few weeks, at times gaining during BTC’s drops. This holds great importance for future growth as stated in the last medium post. If Rupee maintains stability and positive gains over the lowest points of BTC’s performance, the crypto bull run and recovery period will rocket Rupee forward in value. This will have a good chance of catching the attention of even more investors. While Rupee is so heavily connected to Bitcoin, it only makes sense to take the greatest advantage of this opportunity while we have it. This is the prime time to bring in new investors.

Rupee runs on proof of stake and masternodes, giving even more reason to hold long term. Staking and masternodes allow for investors to sell rewards without loss from trade risk or selling their initial investment. Masternodes and staking both grant RUP holders a return on investment in addition to any value gained over the course of Rupee’s growth.

Current Supply: 32476250

Max Supply: 84000000

Remaining Supply: 51523750

Supply Inflation: 0.39

Development Funds %: 21

Core Dev. Fund: 6956653 (RVXjob4rKCE1y8ZcLaTnW6XsbJif74ELSb)

Hydra Dev. Fund: 310 (Multi address, Stake and shared MN)

Masternodes: 5700000 (Approx. USD Value: $57000)

Circulating: 19819287 (Approx. USD Value: $198000)

Order Books: 485000 (Approx. USD Value: $5000)


The mobile wallet being listed on Google Play is taking much longer than expected. We apologize for the delay however, we’ve been compiling a list to create a wallet, better than the current version. Being a project without an ICO, our forward movement is much slower than everyone would like, but it’s not too late to generate project funding. There will be a fundraiser using a crowd funding platform to speed up the process of this ideal wallet on both Android and iOS systems. The current wallet version will still be listed as planned and the Android version is directly downloadable from the, if you want to download it early, try it out or offer us suggestions — feel free.

Should funding go well with this ideal version, it will allow for an extremely advanced, crypto mobile system. Depending on direction, a business model can be applied, requiring a payment to download. With a payment system in place, even as small as $0.25 (paid in RUP), the Profit Melding economic can be applied allowing for a masternode support system. This would increase value to all RUP as well as provide funding for all future upgrades and wallet advancements. Of course, we would maintain a free version as well… most likely with ads from Rupeebase merchants.

A list of additional mobile features/changes will be provided in the next blog. Please contribute ideas by downloading/using the current version and submitting suggestions through our telegram channel

As for Rupeebase, we are taking this concept to the next level. In today’s cyber world, you can spend money on anything using the internet. Money, the transfer of goods and services; commerce in general… Rupeebase will be a place where you can find near anything to spend RUP on and ways to earn it. From a new pair of shoes, to a home or the love of your life; to earning from experience, skill sets, talents or knowledge. Rupeebase will be an entry point to every equivalent cyber business currently existing with fiat currency. Let Rupeebase be supported by a couple 100 masternodes and you can reduce or eliminate shipping costs, various fees and provide a scaling/diverse customer service; while paying for outsource advertising while generating profits from internal platform advertising. Profit meld this back into the Rupee economy and there we are, full circle with a ton of happy everyone. Rupee is on its way to becoming a global, hybrid crypto/stock and quite possibly setting the commerce standard of today’s cyber age.

Rupeebase will be a mix of Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, AirBNB, Fiver, dating sites, and everything else you can imagine. A multi-fiat/crypto to RUP conversion gateway is a significant amount of work, digitally and legally speaking. With use of the Profit Melding economic and standard conversion exchanges advancing to dynamic hyper exchanges, Rupee could benefit with leaps and bounds. Benefiting from a hyper exchange’s profit through melding, also provides tremendous use case for the hyper exchange itself, creating demand; while globally providing entry point into Rupeebase. An extreme amount of time and money can be saved going this route, meaning more efforts can be spent on organizing Rupeebase; creating ways to spend and earn RUP. A lot is under consideration at this point and any ideas from the community are more than welcome as we continue forward.

November was very successful with our listing on the Easynode platform. Want more RUP? Now you can enter a shared masternode and start collecting rewards regularly. You can exchange RUP for ENCO on Cryptobridge ( and easily run your own full masternode(s) simply with about 4 or 5 clicks. Although they host, running a full masternode keeps your Rupee in your possession. These services currently require payment, but Hydra Team is currently building ENCO masternodes to create FREE hosting services for Rupee. Providing a free service like this is important. People will be able to use masternodes and shared masternodes, much like a savings account at a bank, but with zero cost and incredible return.

Additionally, there will be an exchange that autostakes your Rupee wallet. What’s this mean? Banks are going to have some serious competition issues…

Here are a few case studies if you’d like to figure out possible rates of return:

AutoStaking Case Study, Wallet 1:

AutoStaking Case Study, Wallet 2:

AutoStaking Case Study, Wallet 3:

Unfortunately, per request of the CEO, we are currently unable to officially identify this exchange.

“please be careful at the moment to spread news… We don’t want to get overheated”

Rupee Core Team recently brought in Legacy Crypto as an admin and he’s proved to be even more useful in other areas of development. The team is happy to have him. Thanks for all the great work Legacy. He’s made some major headway on a project called Rupeegig… can you guess what its’s used for?

Hydra Team has been slowly gathering funding through Profit Melding. The fundraiser RUP(PHO), didn’t turn out very well. Contributions to the fundraiser resulted in less than 1% of any funds which are brought in. After the Air Drop in January, I will discuss positive means to close out and terminate the RUP(PHO) fundraiser with its investors. There’s a much better way to run it, during a much more favorable time period, with a better, more transparent, record keeping system. It will return superior to the original concept.

Regarding Profit Melding, there is currently 20400 NEXT (approx.) worth of profit sharing that will be entering the Rupee network regularly. 12500 NEXT (approx.) worth of profit sharing will be used to accumulate more NEXT to increase profit meld effects. Similarly, Graviex Profit Meld is at 255088 GIO. The GIO meld is paid out daily and has been used to create the Hydra fund and increase the meld. The Cryptobridge meld is at 22.5 BCO… hardly effective by any means, but it is locked for 1 year. A good possibility this will be sold after that time and placed into GIO or NEXT. Along the same lines of Profit Melding, Hydra team currently has 1 ENCO masternode in possession and is working towards accumulating more. Easynode has a great development team and we hope to work with them to create a community/team deposit function so an economic can be created which allows free hosting services which could be created by project teams and communities. A couple positive notes, Rupee has significant first move advantage. Other coin projects can benefit by creating free services making the platform/ENCO in high demand, all while Rupee maintains ENCO masternodes. ENCO is in short supply as it is, with a total supply of 11 million. RUP running ENCO masternodes is a big deal that will also provide an additional profit meld feature to the Rupee economy. Thanks for listing us Easynode, we’ll help make sure you are never short on business!

Hydra Team was created for the purpose of decentralizing the development of crypto Rupee in efforts for multi-dimensional expansion and progressing to a cellular business structure where individual teams can focus on specific direction and advancement of Rupee blockchain adoption and use cases. This also allows for integration of Rupee crypto assimilation. This is a Hydra project which absorbs/merges other crypto projects, their team’s talents, efforts and community. These cellular teams will freely function on their own accord to further develop adoption and use case while supporting the underlying foundation of the Rupee blockchain. Hydra Team will be introduced in a later post as well as their expectations/standards and pay rates.

Under discussion, the Core development fund; it can be used in many ways. Some ideas tossed around target specific Air Drops rewarding the top buyers of a month. The target aspect would be to bring more RUP investors on board targeting an exchange like (an Indian demographic), or to create use of certain pairings that are relatively untouched, like Crex24’s RUP/USD. There’s no point to have an Air Drop without some forethought. We’ll be sure to exercise some significant consideration. Coinpulse requires an Air Drop of significant value for listing. We will consider this when Rupee gains greater value or consider a way to use a crowd funding platform to raise what’s needed. The option of selling RUP directly to market, reduces RUP value, but for assimilation could be more beneficial as a temporary pairing to expand development and community without reducing value. The charity project will cost 1 million Rupee, but the public relations and marketing aspect would go a long way, not to mention all the people it would help. Rupee would truly become a coin by the people, for the people. The charity project will certainly include a website where people from anywhere in the world can donate to anybody in the world. With staking and masternodes, the charities will be able to receive perpetual income. Know any other coins trying to save the world? Maybe they’d like to join us. There will be heavy use of crowd funding platforms in the future for us. This option has a chance to launch development forward while serving as a free marketing tool, even if the funding is not received.

Exchange and Pairing News:

We are still awaiting Next Exchange to finish their platform. RUP will be paired with BTC, ETH and NEXT (cryptos) and USD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, RUB, and TRY (fiats). CoinRecoil is to fully launch with RUP/TUSD (crypto) and eventually RUP/INR (fiat) with additional pairings under consideration. Cryptobridge has RUP/LTC and RUP/ENCO pairings available.

Short-term developmental goals include:

Continue to organize all Rupee related subject matter throughout the web, update and maintain the information regularly. Build a better foundation with the community through improved/regular communication and project updates. Free and low-cost marketing, minor partnership events.

- Creation of a Rupee marketing group

- 2500 RUP and 250000 GIO, joint reward for a YouTube video on how to buy RUP on Graviex

- Hydra Team website, road map and white paper

- Global Charity and Welfare Project (finish list of 1000 charities, contact has started)

- Update Roadmap to reflect most recent development and direction

- Code audits from multiple sources to obtain project validity and peace of mind for investors

- Use of crowd funding platforms for marketing and development

Long-term developmental goals include:

More exchange listings and increased RUP/crypto and RUP/fiat pairings. Updates to the PC and mobile wallets. Partnerships, high-end marketing, Profit Melding, demand creation, development of innovative ways to earn RUP (like Play to Earn video games and Rupeegig), increase ease of adoption and of course, creation and launch of Rupeebase.Top of Form


The Rupee Blockchain is rapidly evolving and steadily progressing with increased passion, sense of awareness and daily commitment. Community involvement can be done at any level, but anyone looking to go above and beyond should request information on joining Core, Hydra or the marketing and promotional group. Those who want the moon, need to be willing to build a rocket.

A big thanks to those of you who make suggestions, post links or useful information to help the project expand and progress. The community plays a major role in the success of a project, so a very sincere thank you for remaining positive and contributing in the ways you do.

For those of you who don’t follow us on social media, we strongly urge you in doing so through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and YouTube. Every like, share, retweet and comment is extremely validating when it comes to onboarding new investors and matters now more than ever. Our bull market can ride Bitcoin’s if we put in the effort.

If you have any special requests for specific information or updates, feel free to contact the team and we can provide detailed information in the following blog.

There is more to discuss… but, you’ll have to wait until next year. 2019 will be very big… Stay tuned!


The information contained on this article is for general information purposes only and should not be taken as financial, advisory or legal advice. No advisor-client relationship attaches to any information contained on the article. If you have a specific concern, please contact a financial advisor, accountant or attorney to assist with your query. Reference to third-party resources and materials contained within here are provided for informational purposes only and should not be viewed as an endorsement of their contents, warranties, accuracy, and representations. Rupee is a decentralized open-source blockchain cryptocurrency and has no relation to fiat rupee currencies (backed and issued by the respective governments). Unless otherwise stated, the mention of “Rupee” anywhere in this document refers to the cryptocurrency Rupee (symbol: RUP).

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