The Politics of Envy

“The row over Cameron’s tax affairs is now bringing out the worst in envy politics”

-Isable Oakenshort, Political Journalist of the Year 2011

Maybe it is the politics of envy, maybe the carers of the disabled people having their benefits cut are envious of someone who apparently suffers no pang of conscious as he and his class starves the state of vital resources. For the carers, for teachers, for nurses and doctors; no such remorselessness, they are compelled by their humanity to lend their hand to the downtrodden, to their own personal cost.

Maybe the children and parents without homes are envious of someone being compensated for not inheriting a mansion by a ‘gift’ of £200,000 which conveniently allows the £300,000 already inherited to be free of inheritance tax. It could be that their eyes are green with envy, as that same man then takes upon himself to raise the inheritance cap, so that in future he won’t have to go to such lengths to avoid sharing a penny of his unearned wealth.

Maybe the mother taking her child to a food bank is jealous of the psychopathic lack of empathy displayed by the ruling class, who are so untroubled by morality that they cannot even fathom that having enormous personal wealth might have less to do with their own brilliance, and more to do with the circumstance to which they were born. Perhaps she does feel envy for the ‘survival of the fittest’ mentality which allows the wealthy to buy property that they never use, then condemn the poor as wasteful shirkers . If only she could be so ruthless.

Maybe I am envious that a man who has never wanted for anything in his life, can attack the NHS, the BBC, the disabled, the impoverished, those fleeing war, the wretched and the downtrodden. Maybe I am envious, that someone can act with such hubris, such staggering inhumanity, and never once have to answer for his actions. Because of the fealty, the unquestioning slavish loyalty of the British media.

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