Top 10 Most Popular Blogs: What Makes Them So Popular?

Top 10 most popular blogs on the web ❤

There is much to be learned by studying the Web’s most popular blogs. Learn about these popular blogs and how they sustain their popularity over time, engage readers and even make money. visit page:

What makes the most popular blogs on the World Wide Web so popular? After all, there are millions of blogs on the Web with more being created every day: standing out is difficult. Fortunately, there are many good examples of blogs to learn from. By learning these lessons, you can get your new corporate blog off the ground, get more attention for your hobbyist blog and perhaps even earn more AdSense revenue. Since the Web is constantly changing, this article focus on content, community, design and promotion rather than technical concerns. If you desire to become a “top 10” blog, you may need to invest some effort in Internet marketing tools and SEO marketing.

Technorati is one of the Web’s most used tools to search blogs, discover new blogs and rank blogs. The list provided in this section introduces you to some of the most established blogs and shows you the variety of “niches” (i.e. interests or industries) covered by bloggers around the world. The list combines blogs on Technorati’s top 100 blog list and some other examples of leading blogs.

At a glance, the above blogs have little in common beyond their sheer popularity. However, further analysis shows we can learn specific lessons from looking at these tips. In the rest of this article, four specific qualities of the most popular blogs will be examined: content, design, community and promotion.

The importance of quality content to blogs can be summed up in a three word phrase: Content is king. Some blogs have dozens of blog posts a day from many different authors. Unless you set out to create a blog with other bloggers, you will likely be on your own. Many new bloggers easily come up with content in their first few months but then lose steam just as their blog startes to attract readers. Consider these tips to create a constant steam of quality blog content.

Engaging design is another common trait found on the Internet’s most popular blogs. There are many aspects to blog design and debate about what constitutes the best blog layout. In general, here are some of the most important design elements that support popular blogs:
A small engaged audience of readers, “a small army” as author/blogger Chris Guillebeau calls them, makes blogging into a lively and interesting activity. Popular blogs use a combination of techniques including comments, posing questions to readers, and posting polls to bring their readers in. A blogger that completely ignores his or her audience tends not to last very long unless they are particularly determined.

There are many different ways to promote a blog depending on one’s goals. For example, you may simply wish to raise your professional profile. On the other hand, your goal may involve commercial gain. Indeed, blog marketing can be used to promote an existing business. Promoting a blog ethically, especially when you have a commercial blog, is possible as one as one observes the “unwritten rules of blogging promotion.