The Weight

Do you remember the old school days, when we used to be so young, energetic, enthusiastic, so lively, which i suppose you all are even today. Yes, so do you remember those days?

It was a usual weekend, maybe Saturday, somewhere around 11AM, feeling hard to get up from bed, when i got a text on my whatsapp. It was one of my friends, who was feeling so exhausted and tensed with the work. While its obvious to get that feel once in a while, especially considering the work culture we all harvest, but there is something fundamentally wrong with our approach too. So, the message read “I had a really bad last weekend, i was so depressed, when i came to work on Monday, i was still not over it. And, that messed up my Monday, then Tuesday too, because i was already lagging with my deadlines. But, it just didn’t stop there, its Saturday today, and i am even more pissed off. I have messed up everything. Do you really think i will be able to survive here with my skills”.

Its not just about work life, its about everyday life. And, first thing is when you are down, its natural to question your own abilities. You question yourself whether you deserve the place that you have reached. But, right at that moment its important to combat that thought. Life is all about how much positivity you can bring to it. Ask one thing to yourself, if you didn’t deserve that, you wouldn’t have reached there in first place. So, that answers for when you start to doubt yourself. If you could do it once, you can repeat it for sure. No force in this eternity exists to oppose that to happen, all you need is your will power.

Next is about the chain of events. Oh wait, you haven’t wondered why did i ask you about school? I don’t ask you to think without any reason. Okay, so whats the deal about school days?

I used to have full days from Monday to Friday, and half days on Saturdays. Except for Saturdays, since there were so many periods (7 to be precise), i had to carry all respective notebooks and books. It was damn heavy man. Somedays, I risked to leave a few of them, just to keep the bag light, anyways who likes to carry extra weight. Then slowly slowly, somehow Saturdays used to come to rescue, half day, so half the number of periods, and bazingaaa!!!! half the weight in bag, and on back too. And, no doubt, Saturday was super fun, but so did the other days. But, best was Sunday, when we had no weight to carry.

Too much of weight, books and notebooks, eh? Okay, so coming to the point. When you choose to be done with the extra burden, then only you can look forward to present. You don’t carry Monday’s notebooks on Tuesdays. You always have the option to let go of books that are too heavy. Why put extra burden, when they threaten your peace of mind. You have to play the game very calmly, to decide which notebooks you should be carrying tomorrow.

Your best days are there, right around the corner, all you need to do is free your mind of stale thoughts, free your shoulders of stupid responsibilities, free your legs out of those chains and just run to it. Just one day at a time, buddy, one day at a time.

Originally published at on February 19, 2017.

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