Introducing the Rupie Network

Rupie Network
Mar 9, 2018 · 3 min read

Since the dawn of computing, game developers have been responsible for pushing technical and artistic boundaries to give their players magical, immersive experiences. The now $100B+ gaming industry has become such a cultural phenomenon that it’s spun out thriving secondary industries; games press, streaming, e-sports, and more are being built atop game discovery and distribution platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Steam, app stores, etc. It truly has never been easier to find, learn about, and acquire games, as they now literally rest at our fingertips.

Despite these advancements in game access and exposure, game development itself remains, by the numbers, rather broken. 75% of all crowdfunded games fail to ship and 75% of all early access games fail to launch. And even with all the tools available to developers to crowdfund, project manage, engage community, play test, et al, none of these are integrated seamlessly and the stakeholders are not properly incentivized to provide reliable value and see a game through to completion. Distrust between players and developers is at an all-time high.

Today, we are introducing the Rupie Network, built on Ethereum (ERC20) and IPFS. Our vision is to usher in the game development ecosystem of tomorrow: one that enables both game developers and players to better communicate, collaborate, and transact throughout the game development process.

With the Rupie Network, we aim to improve the way people create and play video games, by working together. ​We have re-imagined every aspect of crowdfunding from the lessons learned on other platforms. Instead of “backers waiting for their product”, it’s game developers and backers working together as a community to achieve success. Rupie leverages smart contracts, escrow, and community voting to encourage a new collaborative approach to funding, in which the developers and their community achieve milestones together ​to unlock funding in tranches.

We envision a future where game developers no longer need to build their games in money-strapped vacuums wondering if people will like what they’re creating. We see a future where players are heard and encouraged to take part in the conversation not only after a game is released, but also before and during the development process. We believe in a safe, reliable space rife with free flowing communication between game developers and their loyal players.

We are thrilled about the next evolution in game development and hope you are too. Whether you are a developer, game enthusiast, or just a believer in our vision, join us in the Rupie Telegram group — we’d love to meet you.

It’s time. Let’s build games together.

Rupie Network

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