Rupie at Crypto Week 2018

How to make a conference delicious and Rupie flavored

These massive events hosted over 8,000 folks this year, quadrupling from last year’s events. Huge swathes of people poured in from all locations and walks of life and a plethora of backgrounds, from game development to AI. We made BFFs with a large number of these folks, and we’re so happy we did.

Cool friends at a panel

We’ve got some very exciting partnership announcements coming up in the game development space that we’ll soon be making public, it’s gonna be MASSIVE, so stay tuned!

Jonathan Tzou being very excited about Rupie

Rupie on its way to becoming an integral part of the video game community; fostering growth, constructive feedback and collaboration that hasn’t been seen in game development yet.

Austin Anderson afraid of Shake Shack

Join us and come join the Rupie fam!

💖 Team Rupie