5 Tips for Resiliency During the Audition Process

I recently came across an article which stated that it took a certain Hollywood name approximately 600 auditions before they landed their big break. That’s a lot of auditions. A lot of monologues. Studying. Time.

A whole lot of rejection.

I once heard that an actor’s job might as well be renamed ‘professional interviewer’. The majority of us audition so much, actual career interviews seem like a walk in the park in comparison.

You’d think most of us would be immune to the sting of hearing ‘no’ if that was the case. It can be challenging to strive constantly with little, to no, return. The question is, how do we tap into the enthusiasm and joy we brought into our first scene study class when the going gets tough?

How can we as artists, both stage and otherwise, stay energized and motivated to keep doggedly pursuing our art?

Here are 5 tips for staying inspired:

1.Shake things up: Do something wildly different. Try out a dance class. Go to a meet up in your city that you would never normally consider. Get out of your comfort zone and stretch that mind! When we try something new and challenging, it pushes us to rediscover just how resilient and strong we truly are.
2.Play: Go fly a kite. Sing in the shower. Put on a funny accent and create a life to go along with that voice. The object here is to set aside those pesky gremlins that haunt us when things are challenging. So laugh! Give yourself 2 minutes of smile treatment. Remind yourself why you chose this path in the first place.
3.Connect: When was the last time you had coffee with one of your theatre friends? Attended an industry workshop? Staying engaged in our community is vital to maintaining our creative energy. Perhaps start your own mock staged reading group for new material. Connecting with like-minded individuals provides us with a sense of ‘togetherness’. There is something to be said for strength in numbers!
4.Volunteer: Staying active and in motion is a great way to keep your momentum going, no matter the venue. When we give of ourselves, our time and energy, we’re also gaining new friends and experiences. A little bit of generosity of ourselves can go a long way in giving ourselves a sense of pride and accomplishment. (Which if it’s been a while, can really make a difference!)
5.Go see it live: Get off that couch! Nothing can rekindle that creative fire quite like seeing quality art and performance in person. There is something magical about being witness to art, that can inspire us to add our voices to the stories being told. (Besides, how are we staying up-to-date as industry professionals if we’re not actively engaged with our peer’s work?)



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